Matthijs and Thom about combining Financial Audit and Risk Advisory within our Development Program R(x)

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  • 03 augustus 2018

Matthijs and Thom joined the Development Program R(x) Combination-track in September 2017. Matthijs started as a workstudent and Thom as a thesis intern. In this article they share their experiences with the Development Program R(x) Combination-track. What is the program about and why did they join?

Matthijs has been working at Deloitte Amsterdam (RA) since 2016. During the last year of his degree in Business Economics, he was able to combine work and study and followed a master in Finance. He decided to join the R(x) Combination-track due to a good fit. Thom has been working at Deloitte Rotterdam (FA) since 2016. He has studied Business Economics at Erasmus Rotterdam followed by a master in Accounting and Auditing. The Business Course inspired him to write his thesis at Deloitte. While writing his thesis, he became aware that the R(x) Combination-track aligns well with his academic background.

Financial audit and Risk Advisory combined track

Matthijs: “The reason I decided to go for the R(x) Combination-track is because of the great opportunity that it creates to be engaged in different client assignments and the opportunity to expand my networks. I am in the unique position of having a full picture of organizations from the financial to the risk environment. This is the exact combination that is more frequently requested from our clients."

Thom: "Normally, I would have simply performed financial audits, but thanks to the R(x) Combination-track I experienced Risk Advisory. I receive great support from both functions, allowing for a great learning experience with numerous colleagues. This knowledge spills over from one function to the other and that is extremely motivating."

"This knowledge spills over from one function to the other and that is extremely motivating."

First engagements: IT audit

Matthijs: “I started in the IT Assurance department within Risk Advisory. To be honest, I had little experience with IT when I started this period so I was curious how things would work out in this field. My first client was a large insurance company in Rotterdam. Fortunately, I learned very quickly thanks to the great team by my side. To give an example, after 3 weeks I was able to have meaningful client conversations about IT, run extensive control tests and write management reports.  Thereafter, I served clients like a large retail company and a big real estate company."

Thom: "I started performing IT Audits. immediately I was involved in IT-related testing, and therefore I was able to gain a lot of knowledge during my first IT Audits. Mainly thanks to the patient support I received from the IT Assurance-team. The period working on the IT Audits was especially useful as the IT-aspect is becoming increasingly important in Financial Audits  . Companies increasingly rely on IT controls and IT systems to do their accounting."

"After 3 weeks I was able to have meaningful client conversations about IT, run extensive control tests and write management reports."

First rotation: Financial Audit

Matthijs: “My first rotation within the R(x) Program was from RA to Financial Core Audit, meaning that I would go to a different department within Deloitte.  The first week of the FA started with learning days in The Hague, where we had a crash course in FA basics. My FA Busy Season started at an offshore company and I worked long hours. Despite this, I reflect positively on the FA Busy Season as it is beneficial for team cohesion, and I find it extremely rewarding. The cultures are quite alike in RA and FA as both groups enjoy a collaborative nature with hard-working colleagues at the core. Besides all the working, a lot of social days were organized: the RA Ski Trip was a highlight."

Thom: "During Busy Season I returned to the Core Audit department where I once wrote my thesis. My seniors were very supportive; they explained their expectations of me. That is how I was able to receive largely positive feedback in that period. The first months of the Busy Season flew by and we even enjoyed a FA Ski Trip! My first year at Deloitte has flown by and has provided me with insights in both departments. This year, I will continue in the R(x) Combination-track to build my career."

Matthijs: "I can absolutely recommend the Development Program R(x) Combination-track. The amount of time and effort Deloitte invests in its people is very significant. Additionally, the R(x) coordinators, Sandra and Erik, include everyone in the R(x) community. To return to where I started: I am curious to see what the future holds for me in the Development Program R(x).” 

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