Leon Pieters, Partner, Consulting Strategy and Operations shares his view on sustainability

  • Leon Pieters
  • 02 januari 2013

What did I do prior to my career at Deloitte?
I joined Deloitte (actually one of the legal predecessors) more than 11 years ago. I can remember that I signed my contract on September 11th 2001, and when returning home the world seemed to change dramatically. Before joining Deloitte, I spent six years at Ernst & Young. Before that, I started my career at a mail order company (the dot.com era ‘avant-la-lettre’) Neckermann. Unfortunately that company did not make the transformation from a paper based to a click-based company and filed for bankruptcy last month!

What attracted me to Deloitte?
I did like Ernst & Young, but the moment we were sold to Cap Gemini, the company culture started to change. Being part of a very IT centric company is different. Do not get me wrong, I sincerely believe in Business & Technology Consulting and I believe Deloitte has found the right balance between the two. The attraction of Deloitte was much more the partner culture and the fact that it was privately owned, which gives a different flavor to the way you operate a business.

How do I engage sustainability in my day to day life and business?
Argghhh, that is a difficult one. I am living in two parallel worlds with respect to sustainability. I do believe in organic foods, but am also attracted – as real Dutchman – to the discounted products. I do believe in reducing energy, although I am living in a home which is far too large for me and my spouse. I do believe in responsible driving, so having replaced my BMW X6 for a tiny Mini Cooper Coupe. So more green, but with four cars in the family, I cannot claim we are a green mobile family. And of course I am reducing waste, so separating my waste in different bins. From a true business perspective, I do not see sustainability as a special offering anymore. I see it being much more integrated in our available offerings and moving towards business continuity. 

Where do I see global sustainability headed?                
Sustainability is not an option anymore. It is more an option for companies how they embrace it. I see more and more companies looking to the topic from a business continuity point of view and that is what makes it come from “virtual-reality” into “physical reality””. It is very promising to see that many Food & Beverage companies are not looking to water stewardship from a ‘let us be green’ viewpoint, but realizing that this will be one of the most scarce raw materials in many areas of where they operate. It will be their license to operate form an economic and social perspective.

Where are the biggest opportunities for Deloitte to make a difference?
Approach sustainability integrated into our service offering as the ‘new normal’ and deliver this with passion and with a tone of voice that is more Financial Times (business continuity, substantial savings, stakeholder perception) and less Greenpeace (being green is our way of life, etc.). 

Leon Pieters


Leon Pieters is Partner at Deloitte Consulting and leads the Strategy & Operations practice in the Netherlands. Leon has a background in Supply Chain Strategy and primarily works in the Consumer Business (esp. Food & Beverage) and Manufacturing industry. Leon is also responsible as Global Consumer Business Consulting Leader to leverage global service offerings to the most important key clients of Deloitte worldwide in full collaboration with local member firms.

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