A day in the life of a Consultant from Deloitte Finance & Performance within the Financial Services Industry

  • Kristi Blaisdell
  • 01 april 2019

Kristi Blaisdell is a Consultant at Deloitte Finance & Performance and has given an insight into a day in the (work)life of a consultant.


After taking the weekend to recharge, it is finally Monday again and I am off to the office. This morning I have a short call with some colleagues to go through an Advanced Analytics proposal with a team who is wanting to show our client (a large Dutch Insurance  company) demos of the future of Advanced Analytics. My colleague and I are enthusiastic to learn more about the client and what we can do to assist them.  


From the parking lot, it is a short walk to the Deloitte office in Amsterdam. Walking towards the office, I see one of my colleagues and we quickly catch up  until we reach the office. After finding an open desk, I scan my emails ensuring there is nothing too urgent, send out a few replies, and then briefly jot down my goals for the day (a short list of must do’s), something I do every day. Along with a few meetings, some of the items on my goals list include: 1) Analytics Demo Brain storming 2) Dashboarding and 3) Vendor Relations.


As the call from this morning is still fresh in my  mind, I decide to start with that item first. Striving to bring our clients the best and most future forward thinking initiatives and influences, we first brain storm the possibilities and where added value can be gained. As my colleague and I have advanced analytics knowledge, we also reach out to another colleague who has more experience within the insurance industry. He is able to help us brain storm where we can add predictive and time-series elements to this clients data. I am excited to spend the rest of the morning focused on the added value of our demo.


Its lunch time and as the weather is a bit cold, we decide to grab food in the Canteen, Deloitte’s food hall. We round up the team and head down for lunch. As most people would say, I have truly integrated into the Dutch life as I brought my own lunch with me today! I sit with some colleagues who I don’t normally get to connect with (as we don’t work on the same projects). We chat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company.


After lunch, its back to work. I am currently working on a project where we compare different data tools in the market (think of tools that help with digital dashboarding and bringing data analytics to the end users). Whenever working with the client on a project, we want to bring the best tools that are a perfect fit for that client. For this, we need to ensure we have profound knowledge of those tools. I now have a call with a vendor who is revolutionizing business through data science and analytics. During the call we discuss our data analytics propositions with them. As they are the expert in their tool, they teach us how we can further expand certain parts of our proposition. Once off the call, my colleague and I tweak our storyline, as we are presenting the proposition to one of the Partners next week.


I now have a meeting with a colleague from another department. She is a colleague from our AIM department and her profound knowledge in data visualization will help me greatly. I have made a digital dashboard for our advanced analytics proposition, and would like her open opinion and critique. I see her sitting in the main hall, we grab a quick coffee and I begin explaining to her my dashboard. She gives me some advice on the colors I have chosen, and how different color combinations, graphs and text placement can ensure my viewers follow the path I want them to. Her advice and help is greatly appreciated.


I am finally back at my desk and start to make the changes  my colleague had suggested as well as adding my own improvements! Once the changes are made, I feel like the final piece of our puzzle (the dashboard) is  complete for our data Analytics proposition we are sharing with the partner next week. I sent it over to my colleague to see if he has any final changes.

The rest of my time today is focused around the demo we are putting together for our insurance client. Back to the brainstorming board I go, in order to piece our story together and to find which items and tools would best be suited for the client. 


It is time to call it a day at the office! I look back at my goals list and am able to check all of the boxes for the day, and can count today as a success. I look forward to getting home as I know tonight I will go for a run (to keep up with my New Years resolution)!

Kristi Blaisdell

Consultant CFO Services

As a Deloitte Consultant working in the CFO – Services team I advise companies on topics around data, dashboarding and advanced analytics. With a focus on the financial sector for banks and insurance companies, I strive to work together with our customers to come up with future proof ideas, in which we turn into a reality. With a background in the banking sector, I understand the obstacles that need to be overcome in order for the industry to continue to thrive.

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