A Global Deloitter

  • Nicolas Sacré
  • 22 november 2017

The amount of time I have spent at Deloitte does not add up to a year, yet, I have already been fortunate enough to experience working for this great company across three service lines in three different countries. After two very successful internships abroad, I decided to launch my career at Deloitte in the Netherlands.


My first ever internship took place at Deloitte UK’s London office, where I was part of the Data Analytics team within Consulting. The first taste of a project was obtained almost immediately, as I was staffed on a large assignment at a London-based telecom. As an intern, I had not expected to have any client exposure at all, let alone on my first day! Experiencing the difference between the academic world I had grown accustomed to and the world of consulting was incredibly eye-opening; and I would argue that I learned more during this time than during any subject at University.

I was also given the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks in Deloitte’s very impressive Analytics lab. The purpose of the lab is to help clients make their data come alive by, amongst others, making use of various visualization tools. One example of this was the use of a 3D dashboard that tracked every train on the London Underground in real-time. This experience was really fascinating as I had not imagined that a Big 4 firm could be so innovative. As I later found out, this is one of the core characteristics that sets Deloitte apart from the rest.


Having decided on pursuing the path of Finance with a Master’s degree at the University of Melbourne, I had the opportunity to take part in an internship at Deloitte’s Corporate Finance practice in Melbourne. I was placed in the Valuations team, where I participated in the valuation of a client’s coal mine assets. This assignment allowed me to sharpen my technical and modelling skills. Furthermore, because the team was made up of relatively many senior people, I was given a large amount of responsibility and even got to present the findings of my analysis to one of the directors in the team.

A very pleasant side-note is that this internship happened over the Christmas period, meaning I was able to indulge in all the office festivities; one of the big perks of being a Deloitter!

The Netherlands

Upon returning to the Netherlands and beginning my job hunt, I was still a little unsure as to what branch of finance I wanted to pursue. However, I was certain that Deloitte was my top choice employer. I eventually came across a listing for the Financial Risk Service Area, more specific the Market, Credit & Actuarial Risk team, and this immediately appealed to me. The strong component of both technical and soft skills needed for this role was exactly what I was looking for. On top of that, risk-management is increasingly seen as a central part of a company’s operations, translating into the promise of great clients and projects. I was immediately placed on a large project at a Dutch bank, with tremendous societal impact. Aside from this assignment, the many events organized by the team, ranging from trainings to weekend city-trips, have made my integration both smooth and fun!

On paper, it may appear like Deloitte’s national practices all operate independently from one another, but my experience tells me that there really is a Global Deloitte mindset. Surrounded by a wealth of talent and diversity, it is impossible not to learn something new every day. Moreover, the vast range of available projects and the focus on being at the forefront of innovation and engaging in impactful work makes the job both interesting and meaningful. It is for all these reasons that I made Deloitte my number one choice, and I can say with certainty that I still stand behind that decision!

Nicolas Sacré

Consultant Fincancial Risk Management

I am working as a consultant at the Market, Credit & Actuarial Risk team at Deloitte NL since May 2017. Prior to this, I studied Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam and later completed a Master of Finance at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

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