An internship at Deloitte Risk Advisory: Heaven or hell?

  • Floortje Wijnands
  • 14 april 2017

Last summer, I enjoyed my very first cup of coffee at the Edge during my initial encounter with Deloitte. Little did I know at that time that I would have many more coffees here in the future. Freshly graduated from my bachelor International Business at Maastricht University, I started my internship at Deloitte Risk Advisory in February. My main reason to apply for an internship at Deloitte was the potential ability to explore different aspects of business, something that was definitely confirmed during the job interview. Presently, 6 weeks completed of my 6 month internship, I am happy with the decision made.

As an intern, there is a common concern that you’ll end up with tasks that don’t go any further than getting coffee for your colleagues. This is definitely not the case at Deloitte. From the first week onwards I’ve felt like part of the team because I could join various assignments directly. Working on a variety of internal projects within Deloitte provides me good insight on how Deloitte operates and teaches me that working as a consultant doesn’t limit itself to working for clients only. However, client projects are the main focus of course and I’ve been able to do that from the start as well! Joining the team in client meetings and working on site has been an exciting experience. I really enjoy working on assignments, getting a broader understanding of our clients’ processes and the risks that they face.

I must admit there were some fears that came to mind when starting at a Big 4 firm. Haunting stories of crazy hours and a highly hierarchical competitive culture. However, not shy of a challenge, I didn’t let this bother me. I am happy that I discovered that this is not the case though. Instead of a highly competitive culture, I feel like we are working together to be competitive as a firm instead. I enjoy working with my colleagues and the flexibility and independency in my work schedule. Sure, it’s challenging sometimes, but this is something I personally enjoy and need. In conclusion, to answer the question posed at the beginning: an internship at Deloitte can be heaven if you enjoy a challenge, a broad diversity of assignments, working independently and taking initiative. By the way, the coffee here is great (can you tell I love coffee?).

Floortje Wijnands

Intern Risk Advisory

I recently graduated from Maastricht University where I studied International Business and spent an exchange semester at the National University of Singapore. Last year, I was happy to gain new experiences as an assistant at the university and as coordinator of COC Limburg’s Cocktail project. Currently I am working as an intern at Deloitte Risk Advisory in Amsterdam. If you have any questions about me or my internship at Deloitte, feel free to contact me!

Technology en digitalisering in het juridische vak? Deloitte Legal!

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  • 13 april 2017


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