An Interview with Anneke Sipkens, Innovation & Sustainability Director, Deloitte

  • Deloitte Innovation
  • 12 april 2012

Collega Anneke Sipkens (Director Innovation & Sustainability) is voor de 'Global Sustainability & Climate Change Newsletter' geïnterviewd door Lauryn Kessler uit Chicago:

What did you do prior to your career at Deloitte?
Enjoyed 20 years working in Consumer Business as marketer and business developer in different roles and functions (16 years Unilever, 4 years Sara Lee). After 20 years I felt it was time for a sustainable change and I moved to CEO of a Dutch/US private foundation People 4 Earth. The foundation developed a global standard for sustainable products and services.

What attracted you to Deloitte?
The ability to work with highly motivated and professional Deloitters for a broad range of clients. Being able to really reach scale when we impact all those clients with our sustainability advice.

What advice can you give fellow Global S&CC professionals when discussing Sustainability with clients or targets?
First understand the real issues the client faces with sustainability. What’s the level of maturity, how is sustainability embedded in the organization, what do customers think about sustainability, what are key stakeholders thinking? Building up a relationship based on this deep understanding is crucial for high quality sustainability advice later on. Another important point is relationship building with top management. If possible align with the CEO/ Management team.

Where do you see global sustainability headed?
There is still a very big group of companies not really actively pursuing the opportunity of sustainability. I think we will see the next 10 years a big shift towards acting upon sustainability. The leaders of today will focus to develop and sell sustainable products & services and thus growing their companies sustainably. So a big wave of the laggards moving into the area and the leaders innovating their core products & services.

Where are the biggest opportunities for Deloitte to make a difference?

  1. -  Supporting companies on overall topics: embedding sustainability in their strategies (including scenario planning/ risk management) and with transparency (integrated reporting).

-  Supporting companies on data management (Sustainalitics) for better progress measurement & benchmarking and ultimately being able to calculate the impact on people & planet.
-  Supporting companies with sustainable innovation, enabling them with programs & processes to embed sustainability in their core portfolio
-  Last but not least: developing great tools to allow companies to make progress more quickly (like Sustainable Maturity Model, Retrofit, Scan in 1 day, Sustainable value map, Fast track, Simulation Game, Digiscan (sustainable logistics), etc.)


Did you know?

• You can follow and interact several of the Innovation Sustainability Team members on Twitter. Search for @AnnekeSipkens, @RalphThurm, @KateHay, @SamanthaGo, @LauraBechthold.
• We have an active blogger in our team go check his blog out. 


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