Bridging the gap between business & IT at Data & Reporting Advisory

  • Twan Houwers
  • 06 augustus 2018

After graduating as a thesis student at Deloitte, I started the Data & Technology traineeship to broaden my horizon and to get to know more of Deloitte. During three eight-month periods I will work in different teams of specialists on challenging data projects for some of the largest multinationals in the world. I just finished my first period at Data & Reporting Advisory (D&RA) where I focused on being the connecting factor between business processes and IT systems at our clients.

Combining Regulatory knowledge with Data skills

Data & Reporting Advisory combines knowledge about financial and prudential legislation with knowledge about ICT, including technical standards and expertise in project management. During my first month at D&RA I directly got the opportunity to take the lead in a part of an internal project. Together with colleagues I developed a web application that gives insights in how underlying data of regulatory reports are constructed.

These reports are necessary for banks and other financial institutions to report about their financial exposures and risk to supervisory authorities (DNB, ECB etc) so they can monitor the position of the bank. This project helped in creating a bigger understanding between the business & IT departments, since data & processes were now visualized. Immediately from the start I got a lot of responsibility, but at the same time many support in fulfilling my first project.

Learning a new coding language & being able to pitch a new idea

The web application that we developed was created in a coding language where I did not have much experience in yet. As the team trusted in my ability to learn, I had the opportunity to learn this new coding language while working on a project that helps our clients. Within Deloitte there is a focus on continuous learning and professional growth. There are Deloitte-wide trainings, trainings focused on Risk Analytics (the data driven team within the Risk Advisory organization) and training specifically for the trainees of the Data & Technology Traineeship.  Next to the new technical skills I acquired, I followed courses in pitching an idea and in finding my own core qualities.

“Working with a group of young and ambitious people always gives me energy. This while the personal touch is never lost in our daily work.”

Support from the start

Being surrounded with young and ambitious people gives me a lot of energy, but it also creates a risk of taking up too much responsibilities. Luckily I have a coach that helps me to develop into a better professional & who helps me with dealing with the struggles that I encounter as a starter. Also, when I have a busy week and have a lot of work to do, there are always colleagues to help me out, or cheer me up at the Friday after-work-drinks! Next to coaching sessions the meetings with all Data & Technology trainees are also great for my development and for learning like giving & receiving feedback. 

After this first eight months at Data & Risk Advisory during my traineeship, I got really enthusiastic about the team and working at Deloitte. I cannot wait to start my new project to broaden my horizon even more! Would you like to know more about working at Data & Reporting Advisory or starting the Data & Technology traineeship, feel free to contact me!

Twan Houwers

Data Reporting & Advisory

Twan is a Data & Technology trainee and currently works as a  Consultant in the Risk Advisory department of Deloitte. He has a background in Econometrics (RuG) and Quantitative marketing (Erasmus University). His passion lies within the field of data analytics and visualization. In his spare time he loves to explore new places or spend time with friends on the Amsterdam canals. 

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