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  • 09 april 2018

Looking for a job that’s challenging? A team that gives you lots of professional and personal support? And an employer offering international career options? Then Deloitte Digital’s Salesforce team is the place for you. We asked Antony Cuvalay (Salesforce Developer) and Jolter Metz (Salesforce Consultant) why they joined the team and what working here is like.

Why Salesforce?

J:  What really interests me is actually building the customer experience and customer journeys on the platform. Salesforce is the world’s number 1 CRM platform. It’s really good at digitising the customer journey, from sales to marketing and service. That’s the creative side of IT, which I enjoy most.

A : I like coding, and especially Javascript. It’s my favourite programming language and I’m keen to hone my skills further. And that’s one of the languages that Salesforce uses. What I also like is that Salesforce is cloud-based: updates and new features are rolled out very quickly. Plus, it can solve a whole range of problems in an organisation, not just client-related but also HR. 

“I design and build creative customer journeys on the platform, a many-sided and challenging job”

Why a big consultancy firm?

A: I was looking for a place where I could learn a lot. To me, that automatically means a big company. With plenty of senior colleagues and training options. With lots of projects where I can improve my development skills.

J: They tackle big, complex problems, major transformations. I like that. And at a big firm you get to work with colleagues from a range of disciplines, like risk and legal. Not to mention the international career opportunities.

Why Deloitte?

A: I visited several big firms, but I liked the atmosphere at Deloitte. It’s big, but the teams are really close-knit. You don’t feel like you’re working for a huge corporation.

J: I agree. Not having to wear a suit every day. Being able to ask questions or challenge what the boss says, have good sparring sessions. Less hierarchy, more cooperation. All the stuff you can do alongside your work on the project. And lots of social activities, too: networking, training, skiing, running events, hockey clinics, you name it. More than you can afford to say yes to, actually.

“I apply the latest Salesforce software solutions to tackle our client’s challenges”

What was your biggest misconception when you started?

J: I thought I had to prove myself, do everything they asked me  - right away and first time right. And of course, there was so much I didn’t know and had to ask. But I discovered that it’s OK to ask questions and people are always happy to help.

A: I expected a very formal atmosphere, but I was wrong. It’s not exactly informal, but it’s fairly casual. There’s room for the occasional joke, and I’ve made friends in Deloitte.

What aspects have you developed most in your first months?

J: I’ve got much better at engaging with multiple stakeholders in a project, like end users, product owners, colleagues, partners. I’ve learned how to switch between my various roles and understand what everybody expects from me. As a consultant you have to be able to communicate at every level. The thrill of seeing my first project go live is something I’ll never forget.

A: Definitely my coding skills. I learned an awful lot from more experienced colleagues and just by practicing. I’m now moving into Apex as well. Besides, I’ve learned to read situations, analyse potential problems and explain things to others. For example, to a client who wants option A, why option B is probably better.

How do you see your future in your job?

A: I’m going to really learn the ins and outs of the Salesforce platform first. Longer term, I hope to move into architecture. Building applications coherently, and fitting Salesforce into an entire landscape of applications that communicate with each other.

J: I’m keen to become a specialist in Marketing Cloud implementations for the retail industry. Hopefully working abroad.

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