Deloitte University: facilitating the development of colleagues!

  • Niels Van de Vorle
  • 19 december 2013

Last October, about a hundred new managers from all over Europe across all Deloitte service lines participated in the Management Development Journey. This was the second edition in 2013, of a total of six ‘Journeys’ this year. At the end of this cycle, over 600 new managers will be trained and ready for this challenging new phase in their career. For the first time this year, these life changing four days were hosted at the Deloitte University in Dolce La Hulpe.

I had the pleasure of facilitating one group of enthusiastic colleagues. For the seventh year in a row, I guided them through four days of ‘work hard, play hard’, which started on Sunday evening with a celebration dinner to break the ice. After three days of role plays, discussions, knowledge sharing, networking, dancing and Giants, Goblins and Wizards, combined with very limited amount of sleep, everybody was fully pumped to get back in the field and try out their newly acquired skills.

The European Deloitte University is a very impressive venue in the middle of the Sonian forest, twenty kilometers south of Brussels. After driving up the access way, next to La Hulpe castle, I was greeted by enormous Deloitte flags and a Deloitte branded Mini. After receiving the Deloitte key card at the Deloitte reception desk, I made myself at home in my Deloitte hotel room. The facilities are topnotch, with important training elements like an underground bar, wellness center, indoor swimming pool and tennis court ensuring excellent opportunities for learning and networking.

The combination of having this superb training facility with a great group of eager colleagues ensures four days full of energy. The biggest positive for me, is that the 100 professionals that started on Sunday more or less as strangers, leave Deloitte University on Wednesday afternoon with everlasting connections. I am already looking forward to be part of this process next year!

Niels Van de Vorle

Director - Enterprise Risk Services

Niels van de Vorle is one of the facilitators of the Deloitte University. On a daily base he works as Director on the topic of Enterprise Risk Services.

'Verantwoordelijkheid vanaf het eerste moment!'

  • Thomas de Bruijn
  • 13 december 2013


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