Deloitte University: Facing a lot of new challenges!

  • Mirjam Buurmeijer
  • 02 januari 2014

As a newly promoted manager at Deloitte, you’ll face a lot of new challenges. Among others those can be: leading and motivating others, building relationships with the client and how to make an effective commercial contribution. This is great of course, it will provide you as a person a steep learning curve. To support you in all of this, Deloitte initiated a learning experience: the Manager Development Journey.

I have recently participated in this program at the Deloitte University in Brussels, together with new managers from all over Europe. This three-day program consists of getting to know yourself better, to learn how to coach others and how to engage effectively with the clients. It was very interesting to learn and share the personal challenges and business challenges which all of us face sooner or later. Examples of these challenges are:

- How to give feedback in an effective way;
- How to build a team with enough diversity and use each other’s strengths;
- How to trust to such extent that one dares to delegate, and;
- How to build & invest in client relationships. 

We practiced a variety of challenges by doing team exercises, group discussions and role playing. The facilitators all together represented a great amount of professional soft skills and business skills (Deloitte Senior Managers, Directors and Partners). This made that we learned a lot of real life examples and concrete tips. It also showed the true commitment of the high profile professionals that they invested their time in helping to develop others.

Besides this concrete learning experiences, there was a lot of time for informal moments at which we had some drinks and started to getting to know each other. Building and improving one’s network was also very important, in the end these people are possible future partners! It makes me proud to work for Deloitte, because the organization truly invests in its people in order to get the best out of them. It makes me aware of the fact that I’m working for an international advisory service firm with high standards and that we create value for money. Finally, it makes me as a person committed to get the best out of me for myself and for Deloitte. 

Mirjam Buurmeijer

Manager - Human Resources

Mirjam Buurmeijer is one of the participants of the Manager Development Journey which is facilitated by the Deloitte University.

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