Deloitte University: three inspiring days!

  • Joost Keijzers
  • 08 januari 2014

As one of the first Group of Deloitters, I had the pleasure to follow a three-day training at the ‘Deloitte University’ in Brussels in the presence of about a hundred colleagues who were all new managers from different European offices.

Thanks to the inspiring and professional facilitators, the days have been interesting and informative from the first moment onwards. Among the people present there was a clear effort to invest in themselves and therefore the facilitators were generously invited to challenge us and take us out of our ‘comfort zone’ during the seminars. After these days, we came to the conclusion that this target has been realized for everyone! Learning objectives that were central during these days were: the discovery of your own way of working and the impact of this on others; the advancement of and collaboration with others; and the development of a relationship with clients.

The interactive and practical character of the training created an open and joyful atmosphere whereby the international makeup of the group assured for a more international dimension. By cooperating and sharing experiences with colleagues of a different (international) home turf, you will get new insights yourself. This makes the training from the Deloitte University a very insightful addition to trainings that involve only Dutch colleagues. Furthermore it is very interesting to apply the learned material instantly in practice.

Besides the fact that the training was insightful, the aspect of ‘fun’ was not forgotten! The days were concluded by a dinner and drink together with all participants and we also discovered Brussels by night. During the training, I got to know a lot of international colleagues and I therefore broadened my international network of colleagues whom I will definitely ask for help concerning international assignments. I will remember the days as being very joyful and I am looking forward to meet my colleagues at Deloitte University within three years to toast on our next career step as a Senior Manager.

Joost Keijzers

Manager - Global Business Tax

Joost Keijzers is one of the participants of the Deloitte University.

Deloitte University: facilitating the development of colleagues!

  • Niels Van de Vorle
  • 19 december 2013


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