Deloitte's first Women to the Top Inhouse-day

  • Deloitte Nederland
  • 22 april 2016

Earlier this month Deloitte organized its first Women to the Top Case In-house day at the Edge in Amsterdam! 19 students and graduates were present. Melissa Raczak did the introduction and talked about her career as being a successful partner and mother at the same time. After that, Nicole van Iwaarden, Senior Consultant at Strategy & Operations, gave an inspirational presentation about her interesting journey at Deloitte. Bianca den Elsen, a partner who recently joined Deloitte, shared her experience as being a partner and how she deals with her work-life balance.

The students got the chance to ask all sort of questions, such as:

  • What are the main barriers in order to become a partner?
  • How does a typical work week look like? 
  • Do you need to arrange your own client assignments? 

After these inspirational speeches it was time to start with the case; there were four groups whereas each group had to work on a client case. This case consisted of technical and strategical aspects, which made it a typical Deloitte consulting case. The students had to come up with a solution and presentation within a tight timespan. After the final presentations the jury announced the winning group and each of them received a bottle of champagne in order to celebrate their first win as a consultant! 

During the case, there was also time for Liset van den As and Karine van Hal to talk about their experience as a Business Analyst at Deloitte. The session ended with a Women to the Top Quiz and drinks. In order to give a complete image, male Deloitters were also invited to join.

A selection of the lessons learned in life from the speakers: 

  • Start as soon as possible with networking
  • Tell others what you are good at
  • Always stay yourself, don’t try to be someone else
  • Take your responsibility and stick with it!

We would like to thank all our speakers and facilitators that were present during this event and made this day an unforgettable event for Deloitte Consulting! And of course a special thanks to our committed W2T team! 

‘When you make a decision, stick to it and don’t feel guilty!’ - Melissa Raczak

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