Farewell Deloitte. Hello Rwanda.

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  • 24 februari 2011

Farewell Deloitte; hello to a new life in the country of the thousand hills, Rwanda. When leaving Deloitte, some people say they are taking a new challenge in their lives (hey, great consulting terminology in here). Facing the imminent move to a new house, country, continent, uncertain job and total freedom in how I want to spend my energy, I say I am totally up to start a new adventure.

Almost six years have passed since I started working for Deloitte in 2005. This experience have shaped not only my knowledge, but above all, a full range of business skills, … yes, all those you can find in the management books. And above all, I had the opportunity to work for unbeatable consulting leaders in a team of motivated, smart and competitive colleagues.

Looking back, I realize the great chances and opportunities I have enjoyed. It has been enriching to work at locations like Santiago de Chile, Pittsburgh, Washington, London, Paris, Lausanne and Genève with international teams. It was simply energizing to provide training to a client in Buenos Aires. And it felt like magic to listen to Kofi Anan from few maters distance in a sustainability gala.

Besides delivering professional services to well-known companies in the private sector and lately to the World Economic Forum, I have worked to improve the internal operations of Deloitte, including the set-up of the alumni network that now I am proudly going to be part of. Last but not least, the latest move from Deloitte into blogging has given me the chance to practice one of my passions: writing.

It is time to close a good period in my life. A period when I did not only get promotions, but I also became mother (twice), with all the implications that had for my work-life balance. I do not have a single regret and I move forward with lots of positive thoughts in my mind and feelings in my heart.

Are you still hesitating to work for Deloitte? I would not think it twice if I would be at the same point six years ago. Go for it. Start your own adventure.

Laura De Francisco Campillo
Deloitte Consulting
Senior Consultant

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