From inhouse day to consultant

  • Lennart Kranenburg
  • 11 april 2018

Do you want to know what it’s like to advise leading financial institutions and corporate clients on optimizing their reporting chain, using data-driven solutions? And do you want to work in a young and ambitious team, with people from diverse backgrounds? Then Data & Reporting Advisory is the place for you!

During my Masters in Accounting & Control I wanted to gain some hands-on experience besides ‘just’ studying. I wanted to experience firsthand what it’s like to work in a highly dynamic environment. Deloitte offers motivated students the opportunity to write their thesis at one of their offices. I applied as a Thesis Intern within the Audit department, passed the interviews and received a contract. Nice!

Data & Reporting Advisory: what can I expect?

Although I had a good time writing my thesis, I noticed that the work I was doing at the Audit department did not satisfy me as much as I’d hoped. I talked about this with my counselor at Deloitte. He introduced me to the Data & Reporting Advisory (DRA) team. I did some research and I got the feeling that DRA was probably more aligned with the career I wanted to pursue. The DRA team consists of three sub-teams: Reporting Corporates, Reporting Financial Institutions and Data Management. DRA advises leading financial institutions and corporate clients in optimizing both the financial and regulatory reporting chain, using data-driven solutions. This sounded interesting! The innovative and forward looking mindset applied to help clients solve their issues, appealed to me. Therefore, I signed up for the DRA inhouse day.

Inhouse day

The DRA inhouse day was great. As soon as I met the first other students I noticed that there were students from all over the world. I wanted to work in an international environment and this was a good first impression of what I could expect. After having lunch, we started working on a case study. The case study consisted of three parts, based on the three sub-teams of DRA. It was a challenging though fulfilling exercise. The case showed us a broad range of aspects of the work that we could expect if we started working for DRA. During the drinks after the inhouse day I met more DRA team members. These drinks confirmed what I expected when meeting the other students: DRA is quite an international team. I had a good laugh with the DRA team members I talked to and I was convinced: this is the place I want to work.

From interview to learning-on-the-job

After the inhouse day I applied for a job as consultant within DRA. The interviews were planned in rapid succession and I was offered a contract. I gladly said yes six months ago and I still am very happy with this decision. During my projects I have worked for a broad range of clients, from banks to companies in the telecommunication sector. The beautiful thing about working at Deloitte is that you will learn a lot on-the job. Experienced colleagues are always willing to help. Although you are given responsibility over your own work from the first day, assignments are team efforts. Together you will deliver the best solution.

Alongside working fulltime, I started studying again. Deloitte emphasizes the benefits of continuous learning and facilitates my study. This summer I will be doing the CFA level 1 exam. Hopefully in a couple of years I can call myself a Chartered Financial Analyst!

Do you want to know more about DRA? Contact me or one of my colleagues!

Lennart Kranenburg

Consultant Data & Reporting Advisory

Lennart has been working for Deloitte for over a year. He is a consultant within the Data & Reporting Advisory team. Lennart graduated with Honours for his Master Accounting & Control at the VU University Amsterdam. Currently, he is studying to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

“The impossible could not have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances”

  • Jacopo Mandolini
  • 09 april 2018


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