Getting started in Human Capital consulting

  • Henri Drogulski
  • 12 april 2016

Coconuts or PowerPoint decks?

A couple of months ago I found myself in a position most of you reading this will find (or have found) yourself in. Just a few more months of university and it’s off into the big world outside of the comforts of my daily classes and ever present professors. Now it’s time to find out which opportunities lay beyond taking exams, preparing presentations and writing essays. Exciting times! After briefly considering packing my bags and moving to the Bahamas to open my very own Fresh Coconut Smoothie bar I came back to my senses and decided to pursue the next best thing; consulting at Deloitte! Consulting was an easy decision for me, during an internship at the HR department of a company operating in the Oil and Gas Industry I was hooked on the concept; bringing your expertise to add value to a company by solving challenges they are facing, all within a few short months. Choosing for Deloitte was also easy; being the number one when it comes to breadth and depth of Human Capital offerings made that decision a no-brainer.


My dilemma

I am passionate about HR, I truly believe the employees are the cornerstone of being a high performing company. Every company can implement new processes to increase efficiency or copy / paste an HR best practice from a competitor. However, you won’t be able to set yourself apart from your competitors in a sustainable manner without motivated employees being utilized in the best possible way to realize the full potential of both the employees and the company. So it’s clear, I love HRM and the opportunities it provides; but I’m not the biggest fan of the day-to-day operations of an HR employee. Sounds counterintuitive right? Let me explain; sure I enjoy finding the best possible candidate for a vacancy, finding out how we can try to decrease absenteeism by 1.0% or explaining the implications of a change in the collective labor agreement. I love all these topics. For a while, that is. After rinsing and repeating the steps for a few times I start to get an itch that only new challenges can scratch. This leaves me with two options to satisfy my picky HR needs. Option number one; work as an HR employee in a company; quit after six months and frantically look for another company to ride along with for six months. Or my second option, the more sensible option; get a job as a consultant. I mean, what’s not to like? A new challenge roughly every six months, exceptionally talented colleagues and a vast array of exciting projects; from implementing a new HR service delivery model to setting up a talent engagement strategy and everything in between. Could it get any better? Sure it doesn’t quite reach the levels of selling Fresh Coconut Smoothies to fun loving tourists with a sunset background on a tropical beach, but it does get pretty darn close in my opinion.


Getting started

After the hiring procedure I started as a Business Analyst in the HR Transformation service line within Human Capital. My first day at Deloitte immediately left an impression; during the ‘Landelijke Introductie Dag’ (National Introduction Day) all new hires of my month were given an inspiring presentation on what comes along with working at Deloitte. The following day was reserved for the Consulting Introduction day, all new hires within consulting were given the opportunity to meet each other and we received a couple of consulting specific presentations. Just one thing left to do until the formalities are over and they’ll let me loose in “The Edge” (our office in Amsterdam, which is so high-tech only an edgy name would suffice). That final thing is meeting my buddy. Each new hire is assigned a buddy who will be your go-to person for any questions during the first year or so. The amount of possibilities and the information flow at such a big company can be daunting at times, having somebody to reach out to is an excellent solution. I still bother my buddy on a weekly basis (in fact, she proof-read this blog post). It’s 1 pm on my second day, time to get started!


PowerPoint decks it is

So fast-forward a couple of months and here I am, sitting in the train after an exciting day facilitating an HR process re-design workshop with a colleague at a multinational in the Financial Services Industry. Awesome. My first couple of months have been an absolute pleasure and a whole world of opportunities have opened up to me; I will be attending an automation by robotics training in a few days, just to name one. I’ve found many brilliant perks to working at Deloitte; the great projects, ample development opportunities and the diverse clients spring to mind, but the single best thing about working here is the amazing people. I’ve always believed that the people make the difference in any organization and Deloitte is a prime example of this. Working with such talented and inspiring people pushes me to realize my full potential. Choosing Deloitte was a priceless decision, for the coconuts and beaches I’ll just use MasterCard.

Henri Drogulski

Business Analyst HR Transformation

Henri Drogulski joined Deloitte in February of 2016 as a Business Analyst in the HR Transformation service line. Henri was born and raised in South Africa, and currently lives in Haarlem. He has a bachelor in HRM (Saxion University of Applied Sciences), a master in Business Administration (University of Twente) and a master in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (Technical University of Berlin).

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