How I helped organizing a Tech Festival as a working student

  • Natalia Szymanska
  • 18 december 2019

When you think about what the first week of your new job will look like, you usually imagine a slightly underwhelming week (or even month) of introduction trainings and slowly getting to know your colleagues. You wonder when you get to work on your first task, or even on an important project. It is not common to get to serious work the same day you join a company, especially if you are a part-time working student. But that wasn’t the case with me and my first experiences with Deloitte.

Digital Risk Solutions

I was very lucky to join Change & Communication Team of Digital Risk Solutions (DRS) Department just before the Tech Festival took place, which meant there was a lot I could do to help with organizing this big event. DRS is a part of the Risk Advisory function and is all about digitalization of its services through emerging technologies like AI, RPA and Blockchain. The department consists of 45 employees with mainly experts in new technologies. It is important that our Risk Advisory employees understand the possibilities of all these new technologies because of their work for clients, and that’s why DRS set up a campaign. The Tech Festival was one of the main activities in this campaign. 

Technology Festival

The main purpose of the Tech Festival was to create awareness for the digital possibilities and show Deloitte Risk Services employees how they can benefit from technology solutions in their everyday work for clients. You can of course do that through more conventional methods, like distributing a descriptive presentation to all our colleagues. We chose a slightly more unconventional, but more fun approach by organizing a Tech Festival. The festival had informative sessions about different solutions. The timetable contained things like Speed Dating, a VR Game, an AI-driven lookalike booth, a Cyber Security Escape Room and much more. People could join the session of their interest. 

Organizing the Tech Festival at Deloitte taught me more about technology in three weeks than university course did in two months.

But what was my part in it? I was supposed to make sure that everyone within Risk Advisory was aware of the Festival and willing to join the event. That meant preparing lots of promotional materials for the festival itself as well as the technical solutions in question. And that is how within 3 weeks of those preparation I managed to learn more about AI and technology than I learned during my university lectures. And like that wasn’t enough, on the day of the festival I have learned even more! Not only about technology, but also different departments. For me personally, it was a very thorough and fast way to learn the most I can about Deloitte.


Organizing such a big event always requires a lot of preparation and a good team. Being a member of the Tech Festival Organization Committee showed me that preparing an event doesn’t have to only be stressful, it can also be a great fun. Have you ever thought that joining a big corporation may require art and flower decoration skills? Or that you may be asked to do small construction work? No? Well, me neither, but apparently this happens!

Something else I can say about teamwork within Deloitte after my first month, is that when there is a project to do, you all work together. It doesn’t matter if you are a senior manager or newly recruited working student, a native Dutch or an expat that has just moved to the Netherlands and doesn’t know the language yet. All this really makes the office a pleasant place to be at.

Natalia Szymanska

Working student – Change & Communication – Digital Risk Solutions

I was born and raised in Poland, but moved to the Netherlands in September 2019 to do my Master’s in Digital Marketing at UvA. Within 2 months after I moved, I joined the Digital Risk Solution Department at Deloitte’s Risk Advisory Practice as a working student. My job is to support communication and change management activities.

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