How the Deloitte University challenges our colleagues

  • Marly Kiewik
  • 17 december 2013

Marly Kiewik is one of the Dutch participants of the Deloitte University, which is an initiative that focuses on development of (young) managers in a global context. In this blog you can read her story about the advantages and added value of the Deloitte University.

How did you join the Deloitte University?
The program which I followed at the Deloitte University is one that is more or less obligatory for new managers in the organization. From the moment that I knew I was promoted from consultant to manager, it was clear to me that I got the opportunity to follow this training.

Can you explain what it means to be a participant of the Deloitte University?
Let me start by stating that it was an intense program, so as a participant of the Deloitte University we were challenged to develop ourselves from the very beginning. Furthermore, it was an interesting program in such way that we were working in a group of people which originated from a range of different countries. This international context automatically made group assignments valuable, because we needed to cooperate and come to a satisfying end result while we all had or own cultural background and way of working in a team. In my opinion these cultural differences led to a complete other dimension compared to training programs with colleagues from the same culture or country.

Can you state some concrete examples of what you have learned during the program?
We spoke a lot about how we are as persons and how we can use our own personalities in order to take the lead in specific situations. However, we also discussed how one can stimulate others to work in the best way they can and how one can generate business by using his or her own personality in daily contacts with clients. Most of all, we discussed the approach which we would have chosen in a variety of situations. Since my international colleagues also shared their approaches, we had fun and learned a lot of each other. In the end this led to interesting insights which I can use in my professional daily life, which points out the added value of the Deloitte University to me!

Marly Kiewik

Manager - Consulting

Marly Kiewik is one of the Dutch participants of the Deloitte University. On a daily base she works as a manager in Consulting, on the topic of Strategy and Operations (S&O).

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