How the inhouseday at Deloitte convinced me that financial risk management was the right choice for me

  • Chiara Spruijt
  • 24 oktober 2016

A career in financial risk management was not always the obvious choice for me personally. I studied Political Science and International Relations, focusing mainly on the ever changing character of international financial regulations and their broader societal impact. Many pages of new regulation were written in response to the 2007-2008 financial crisis, but will these changes be able to prevent a future crisis? What is the impact on smaller banks with relatively limited means to comply with the extensive Basel III regulations? 

In order to find answers to these questions, and many more, I decided to expand my knowledge of financial markets and institutions through a second Master’s in International Financial Economics. It was during this Master’s that I was introduced to credit and market risk models, asset-liability mismatches and liquidity ratios which are at the core of financial risk management. Knowing that I was interested in how financial institutions deal with risk, I approached a recruiter at Deloitte. Because I was still unsure about which type of risk management job suited me best, she advised me to visit two Deloitte Inhousedays: Financial Risk Management (FRM) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).

The insights I gained from visiting both Inhousedays are invaluable. Not only do I have a better understanding of the full range of risk management jobs in the financial sector, I ended up confident in my decision to apply for a job at FRM. Both Inhousedays were organised to give me a sneak peek into the work I could possibly be doing in a few months. After being divided into small groups, we were handed a case to prepare and present at the end of the day. The FRM case introduced me to the themes and issues that I am currently facing as a Consultant at FRM. It was my impression that FRM is a very content-driven department, with a special focus on technical and analytical skills. In the end, I felt that the skills I would be developing at FRM best suited my personal aspirations and interests.

While a career in financial risk management didn’t always seem like the obvious choice, the Inhouseday at Deloitte convinced me that it was exactly the right choice for me.

Additionally, the Inhousedays were a great way for me to meet my future colleagues. The people working for both FRM and GRC that weren’t involved during the Inhouseday made an effort to join us after the official program was over. The relaxed atmosphere allowed me to speak to people about both the projects they were engaged in and their personal experience with working for Deloitte. The Inhouseday is therefore a good opportunity to discover whether you are the perfect fit for our team. I also discovered that besides the interesting work that I could do at FRM, the department organises social activities ranging from weekends abroad to ski trips, and from squash matches to weekly drinks on Friday as well.

I only started working at FRM last week, but I am already emerged in my first project at a large bank, dealing with an interesting subject matter with great societal impact. I’ve gotten to know my colleagues through organised social events, and am in the process of setting up my goals for the coming year. All in all, I am convinced that I’ve made the right choice by applying for a job at FRM. 

Interested in our inhouseday?

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Chiara Spruijt

Consultant Financial Risk Management

My name is Chiara Spruijt and I recently started working for Deloitte Financial Risk Management as a Consultant. I studied Political Science, International Relations and Financial Economics. In my spare time I like to dance, eat Italian food and read books.

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