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  • Melissa Raczak
  • 13 februari 2012

When I graduated in 1994 times were as tough as they are today. Luckily, my sports scholarship meant I had no debts. Even so, I was barely able to pay my rent, despite my work as an internal auditor at a government agency - my first job. This was the start of something special: a journey that has taken me to where I am today. I can truly say I have appreciated every challenge and experience each of my positions have brought me. All of them taught me something new; a learning curve that continues to this day. It makes me stronger and better equipped to handle the challenges our economy brings us today.

As you begin your career, three of the lessons I learned may be useful to you too:

1. Define your purpose – know what you want to achieve and be known for. In today’s world, creating personal branding that is understandable to your audience and will contribute to a strong identity.

2. Stay focused – being focused means you can make clear decisions, spend effort on the appropriate activities and engage in things at the right moment. Losing your purpose and focus not only means you will lose yourself; it prevents people from taking notice of you.

3. Be authentic – stay true to yourself and you will achieve personal happiness; if you follow your heart, know your purpose and stay focused you will create personal success.
The society we live in sets high demands and they may cause you to stray from these three mottos. So, make sure you take time for yourself. Start today: quit the daily rush at least one minute every hour and breathe and lastly live in the moment of now. If you find your mind raising and thinking about the next activity just stop breathe and come back to this moment.

Finally, find an organization that suits you. I’ve spent thirteen amazing years with Deloitte so far and for me it continues to be a firm that creates innovation, empowers employees and continuously brings value to our clients. I took many steps to get where I am today, so be patient with yourself and follow your heart.

Melissa Raczak


Director in Business Consulting Deloitte Netherlands

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  • Joep Ruiter
  • 07 februari 2012


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