Risk advisory inhouse day: A chance to meet consultancy and Deloitte

  • Daniel Naumilkat
  • 21 april 2016

It may be difficult to imagine what an inhouse day will bring you. By sharing our experiences of the inhouse day we participated in last year, we hope to provide you with an overview of what the day looks like and how it will help you in finding the right place to work.

Before joining the Deloitte inhouse day, we merely obtained knowledge of Deloitte’s business operations and the basics of its effort in the cyberspace. However, getting to know the culture of an organization cannot be done by just searching on the internet – We thought let’s give it a try and see what Deloitte and its cyber security team is all about, so we joined the inhouse day.

The introduction morning

In the morning we were warmly welcomed on the ground floor of the Edge (Amsterdam) and Liselotte (recruiter) directed us to the 14th floor of the building, our office for the day, with a stunning view of Amsterdam’s Zuid-area and even the Schiphol airport.

To break the ice everyone introduced themselves at the large round board table which was followed by a more detailed introduction of Deloitte’s Risk Services. The introduction started with something unexpected, Marko van Zwam, the partner of the Cyber Risk Services Team, (CRS) walked in. But it was not the fact that he was walking in which was unexpected, but the way he was dressed, namely in jeans and a sweater. At that point in time we knew the CRS is not subject to an ordinary work environment one might expect at Deloitte NL.

It’s showtime

After the lunch break, we started with a briefing for the afternoon case, followed by the next unexpected event that day: The case was not just a conventional paper-based exercise, but it was performed by very enthusiastic Deloitters who acted as the CEO, CIO and Techies of a technology company which finds itself in a crisis. As opposed to a case with a few hand-outs this was a wholly played scene – amazing to get people involved and develop a feeling for the situation of the case. Split up in teams, we drafted a solution that tackles the crises while getting constant input by the role players.

Within the team we were encouraged to think of out-of-the-box solutions to solve the problem and help the company respond to and recover from the crisis. During this process we got the ability to practice our interview skills by interviewing the fanatical acting C-level executives. Although the interviews were acted it felt like we were in a real and stressful situation. Based on these interviews and the guidance of the other Deloitters we were able to propose a good and complete solution for the company within a single day!

After the intense teaming phase each team presented their solution to the board, who subsequently posed critical questions. After the presentations, the board announced the best performing team which was honoured with a fine bottle of champagne.

Time for drinks

At the end of the day the atmosphere loosened up and we moved to a bar for drinks with the entire group. This allowed us to have some private talks together with a beer or glass of wine, as well as to ask the Deloitters specific questions about their working life at Deloitte. The evening ended with a three course dinner and conversations about the next place to travel, the coolest IT innovations and career opportunities.

To conclude

Looking back at this day we were definitely glad that we signed up for the inhouse day. It opened our eyes about the working atmosphere and culture of Deloitte as well as about the profession of a cyber security consultant who develops security solutions for multinational clients.

Daniel Naumilkat (Consultant), Chris Blommendaal (Consultant), Floris Delmee (Intern)

Daniel Naumilkat

Consultant Cyber Risk Security

In January 2016 Daniel commenced his consultancy career at Deloitte and since then he specializes in IT Assurance as well as Cyber Security Management. He obtained a Master of Science in Business Information Management and gathered 2 years of online marketing experience at an online retailer.

Risk advisory inhouse day: A chance to meet consultancy and Deloitte

  • Daniel Naumilkat
  • 21 april 2016


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