@TEDxAms - Simulcast from the top of the Maastoren

  • Laura De Francisco Campillo
  • 23 december 2010

Combating aging, preserving darkness, re-greening the deserts, what do all these topics have in common? TEDx Amsterdam. TEDx Amsterdam was a one day event at the Stadsschouwburg, with more than 20 speakers presenting their ideas worth spreading. The place to be, to listen, to think and to share. Deloitte is a strategic partner of TEDx, and as such, was organizing a simulcast at the top floor of the Maastoren to be able to watch in real time what was going on at the TEDx in Amsterdam.

As employee of Deloitte, I could participate at the TEDx simulcast and invite my relations. Attending this kind of events is not my daily job, but it is a great chance to get in touch with other people interested in the same areas as myself, and simply let innovative ideas flow.

“The 16 biggest cargo ships emit the same CO2 as all the cars in the world” is the fact presented by Jorne Langelaan, from Fair Transport. Looking at it, we should rather focus our efforts first into transforming the cargo shipping float into sailing boats (or at least those 16 huge cargo ships) than trying to get people to use electric cars.

Life sciences were also high in the agenda. While Dr. Aubrey de Grey showed his passion for rejuvenation technologies- “It might be boring not getting Alzheimer disease”, “Aging is very complicated … and horrible”- Wim Hof, The Iceman, proved live on the stage how he could stand being covered by ice for almost one hour. His secret “We have healing power, but we forgot about it”.

The question stated by Sarah Darwin on stage “Are we less connected to nature?” was answered by some of the other speakers. Rogier van der Heide, Chief design officer Philips Lightning, clearly said “Enjoy the greatest show: the environment” and made a moving speech on how we should learn to preserve darkness. Is not all the lighting that can be seen during the night a waste? Are we not forgetting how a non-polluted sky looks like?

And as said by Samuel Levie en Linda Vermaat by the Youth Food Movement: “When we go to the supermarket we are voting” and “We have the power to change the system”. We do not need to wait for the next elections to choose. We do not need to feel victims and wait. Raise your voice, make your choices, and who knows, maybe next year we will see each other at the TEDx. My take-away: if you have an idea, do not keep it for yourself, share it with enthusiasm and gain momentum to make it true.

Laura De Francisco Campillo

Supply Chain Management | Management Consulting

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  • 22 december 2010
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