“The impossible could not have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances”

  • Jacopo Mandolini
  • 09 april 2018

There is 0:29 seconds on the clock of the Eredivisie Beker Finale. In the final moments of the game, with 4 goals and 3 exclusions to my name, I am sitting on the bench. The score is 12 - 11 in our favour with one more defence to play after their timeout. I plead with my teammates to close out this defence so we can taste sweet and long awaited victory. As their offense played out, I crept closer to the edge of my seat with an array of emotions welling up inside me – excitement, anxiety, impatience. As my teammates block the final shot and retrieve the rebound, I jump to my feet with feelings of pure ecstasy. I jump into the pool with our coach in my arms, entering the water with my team again as a champions.

In those final 0:29 seconds our fate was tied together. The overall performance of the team was greater than the individual performances due to teamwork and a positive chemistry. The ability to work as a team played a decisive role to achieve a common goal. In those final moments I felt the importance of belonging to a team, knowing that as I sat on the bench and I had given everything to my teammates. The same is true for working environments where the performance of an employee is strongly reinforced by the technical skills, strategies, mood, culture, and behavior of the other team players.

Combining a professional career with a sporting career

The combination of starting a professional career next to a sporting career is no mean feat, as it requires immense dedication to one’s goal, and perseverance along the chosen path. With grit and determination it is possible to pursue excellence which I believe is the recipe for professionalism in sport. To obtain great results and become champions, athletes must sacrifice themselves to their sporting dreams. Athletes may dream of a future beyond their sporting career, and whilst unconsciously applying these selfless characteristics; that have put athletes at the top of their sports career, they become very desirable and sought after by employers in a huge number of sectors.

Using sports in daily (work) life

In my daily work routine I use my sporting characteristics to overcome obstacles, no matter what challenges stand in the way; as the capacity to get control over these tasks is what leads to success. Regardless of the setting, the learning process within a team can benefit a bigger organisation. Learning from those we work with is one of the great values of being part of a larger team. What I learn from my team is instrumental to my own development; when working alongside a colleague, when sharing his or her wisdom, good will, and insight, I will absorb knowledge through osmosis. I would like to leave an impression to all the people I work with, of my tenacity and determination to any given task.

I enjoy working at Deloitte because it gives me the possibility of pursuing a high-performing professional career next to a sporting career, whilst also allowing me the flexibility to complete my education. Meritocracy and diversity drives success within the organisation where the best results are achieved by highly skilled people whilst a diverse environment ensures the integration between different cultures, experiences and backgrounds.

*Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

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Jacopo Mandolini

Tax Advisory

I am an Analyst at Deloitte Netherlands, where I work with the Transfer Pricing and International Tax Team. 
I studied law at LUISS Guido Carli University, where I graduated in 2015. In addition, I hold a postgraduate LL.M. degree in International and European Tax Law obtained at Maastricht University in August 2017. 
Prior to my current position I matured a pluri-decennial experience in sport at professional level. As an athlete, I competed at the highest national and international level with Clubs and Italian National Team. I am currently playing in the Dutch Eredivisie and recently won the 2017/2018 the Eredivisie Beker Finale. In 2015, few days after my graduation in Law, I became European Champion with one of the strongest teams in the history of Water Polo.

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  • Deloitte Nederland
  • 09 april 2018


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