The wondrous world of HCM Cloud consulting

  • Per Dorst
  • 25 maart 2016

HR Technology Consulting exists of beautiful sales pitches like ‘bringing Technology and HR together to improve the business. Or, ‘combining HR Strategy with Cloud Solutions to streamline and transform the HR Function to its greatest potential. We at Deloitte really do all that, but the interesting part for somebody who is going to apply at Deloitte is to know ‘how’ and ‘in what way’ we do this, and that’s what this blog is about: the day to day life of a Business Analyst in HCM Cloud rather than the overall strategy outcomes of our work.


First months at Deloitte
It’s always easier to start at the beginning. The beginning is at the start of my own first months at Deloitte in the HCM Cloud team. I applied for the job opening of “HR Transformation Technology junior consultant – Workday”. Before applying I of course did my research on Workday. It looked really cool and was exactly the combination of HR & Technology I was looking for, but at the time I didn’t had a good overall idea what my precise function in the projects was going to be. The first month was really just a giant wave of information. (I like surfing, so this was a pleasant experience). In this first month I got two weeks of full-time training in Workday to get certified and was on the road as a Workday Consultant. I realized I liked the puzzle of the system, making sure it is set up in such a way that it does what it needs to best help its users. I like that kind of mindset, to deliver something tangible. I never saw myself as someone to be this heavily involved in IT. I was never a computer wizard or good with programming. Now, I’m not an IT guy, but more someone that build bridges between HR and IT. I know how the system works and how it should be configured and translate this to the HR Functions needs. So you toggle between the digital world and HR, which is very interesting.


Current Project
Currently, I am implementing Workday worldwide for a major international FSI client with more than 12.000 employees. It’s a big project with a lot of aspects and functionalities involved, from Compensation and Benefits to Talent and Performance to the more technical stuff like Integrations and Data migration. Everything is connected and related to how it is going to be setup in Workday but more important: how is it going to help our client in streamlining and transforming their HR Function to be the best in the business for their employees? You see, those beautiful sales one-liners I mentioned at the beginning – that’s all really happening. We are making an impact at our client, but not overnight. We are in it for the long run. Before this ultimate goal is being reached there are months of requirements gathering, data gathering, configuration and streamlining of HR processes involved. This is where I come in: I help our team and our client to reach the desired end goal by helping with all kind of different projects. In a big project there is a lot to do and the beauty of this is that I, as a BA, can help out in all the different aspects of the project. For example: In the morning I could be helping the project manager in streamlining project communication and in the afternoon I could be configuring the requirements of different compensation plans from the client. It is a diversified field of responsibilities during your day-to-day operations which gives me the opportunity to learn all different aspects of a project.

On a day-to-day basis I work together with the functional consultants to make sure we get the right requirements from the client. We ask the client HR-related questions like: “How do you pay your employees?” “What kind of information do you need from your employees?”, “How do you enable the talent in your organization?”. All these questions have profound and complex answers and our job is to translate this into a cloud solution. Where some companies use an excel file to record all their employee data, they can now enter it into the Cloud on their mobile and have all the information at their fingertips. We are digitalizing HR and all processes that are related to HR. We are making sure the employee can do it all on their own. The employee doesn’t have to call the HR office to change their home address but just can do it themselves online.


The Future
Everything is possible in the cloud, and the HCM Cloud team is facilitating this change in the world of HR and HR Technology. It’s very interesting to be on the forefront of the digitalization of HR and I think the digitalization of the world just started and there is more to come. It’s changing as we speak, it’s an interesting time and place to work in HR Technology.

Per Dorst

Business Analyst HR Consulting

I am Per Dorst and as of the first of October 2015 I am part of the HCM Cloud team. I studied sociology and organizational sciences at the University of Utrecht before I started working at Deloitte. Deloitte wasn’t my first job after university, I first worked as a recruiter in the consultancy world. Here I decided I wanted to be a consultant as well and specifically in HR combined with Technology. That’s how I started with HCM Cloud. During my leisure time I like to cycle or swim and of course do all the usual stuff like good food, drinks and movies.

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