Three ‘good to knows’ about the Development Program R(x)

  • Ilya Verschuren
  • 28 augustus 2018

On my first day at Deloitte, I was welcomed officially in the Risk track of the Development Program R(x). Back then I didn’t  really know what to expect and a lot of questions came to mind. What will it look like in practice? In what kind of engagements will I be involved? Is it like a traineeship? To which team will I belong? Where will I end up after the two years? Luckily, by now I know what to expect and what this development program brings me, however you may still be groping in the dark as to what it all contains. Therefore I am going to share three “good to knows” with you.

Good to know: R(x)’ers ideally rotate each 4 months between disciplines

The idea of the R(x) track is that consultants are trained to gain a broader risk perspective with knowledge and experience on all risk areas. During the 2 year program we therefore rotate each 4 months between assignments from different disciplines within Operational Risk. Although this is of course depending on the availability of client assignments, we are meant to have an understanding of IT Risk, Internal Audit, Operational Risk & Transformation, and Technology & Data Risk at the end of the program.

This results in 3 main benefits for us as Operational Risk professionals:

  1. Deloitte works with service lines in which multiple disciplines are closely connected. When we are comfortable with all of these disciplines and have developed the accompanying competencies for each discipline, we can better serve the client with an end-to-end view. It will help us to become all-round Operational Risk professionals that can apply multidisciplinary innovative solutions adapted to the client needs.
  2. Working in the different disciplines gives us the possibility to expand our professional network extensively. This benefit is twofold, since we get to know Operational Risk, but everyone already working at Operational Risk also gets to know us – the new professionals.
  3. Our all-round experience increases our flexibility to engage in variable client assignments. Though, this doesn’t mean that we have to do so, since the R(x) program also offers the possibility to specialize in one of the disciplines during the last half year of the program, where we will engage in assignments that fit our interests best. 

Good to know: The R(x) track focuses on training and personal development

Learning is an activity that is put central in the R(x) track. A specific learning curriculum has been created that we follow during the training- and on/offboarding weeks. These are weeks in which all R(x) consultants get together to reflect on the previous period, look forward towards the next period, develop professional capabilities, and gain content knowledge during sessions in which hot topics – such as blockchain, privacy, and data analytics – are deepened.

Another focal point is personal development. You are welcomed in a team of consultants that – more or less – started their job at the same time, which makes it feel like one big ‘peer group’. There is ample of space to discuss experiences and challenges you encountered with your peers and R(x) coordinators – Sandra and Erik. In addition, specific attention to your personal development and the career path you want to follow is given in coaching sessions with a coach from one of the four disciplines.  

Good to know: R(x)’ers belong to multiple teams

As mentioned above, we are assigned to a coach from one of the four teams between Operational Risk. This team is our ‘formal team’, where we join team activities, and also engage in all kinds of internal activities related to the strategy that the team follows. You can think of recruitment activities – such as organizing Inhouse Days – and commercial activities – such as developing value propositions. In addition to this ‘formal team’, we are of course also part of the R(x) team, with whom we form a close peer group.

So, now one question remains: where will I end up after two years? Most probably I will specialize myself in Operational Risk & Transformation with a focus on project management. But until then I still have plenty to learn from the other disciplines!

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Ilya Verschuren

Operational Risk – Risk Advisory

I am Ilya Verschuren, born and raised in beautiful Brabant. Although I still love going back to my roots, I flew out as soon as I could to study in Nijmegen for my bachelor in Business Administration. Rotterdam School of Management offered the master programmes that caught my strong interest, so that is where I went next. During my master in Business Information Management I connected with Cyber Risk Advisory and started there as a graduate intern. Currently I am living in Utrecht and made a shift from interning at the Cyber department to working within the Operational Risk service line.  

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