Why Adri and Julia joined the Deloitte Digital Salesforce team

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  • 17 januari 2019

Deloitte Digital has one of the best Salesforce teams around, always looking for new solutions and always caring most about the end customers as their central focus. Adri Tungadi (Junior Salesforce Developer) and Julia Nielen (Business Analyst Healthcare) explain why they decided to join the team and how much they’ve learned from it already in just a short amount of time.

Why Deloitte?

J: With a background in healthcare management, Deloitte wasn’t top of mind for me. But then a friend told me Deloitte is actually working at the frontier of innovation in healthcare. The job I applied for allowed me to put my industry knowledge into practice at different healthcare clients.

A: I have always dreamed of working as a consultant at a big firm. When I did some research, comparing the Big Four firms, I noticed that Deloitte not only focuses on consulting and making a profit, but that it also cares about people and the planet. They want to make an impact, just like me.

Why this team?

A: Working as a developer in this team does not mean only doing technical work – like coding – all year long. At Deloitte you get to meet your clients, grow your network and develop your soft skills. Also, there is so much to learn from all the different experts here at Deloitte and everyone is so keen on sharing their knowledge.

J: There is a lot to win in the healthcare industry, considering the many hospitals that are still working with paper files and fax machines. Working in this team offers me the opportunity to improve healthcare by implementing cutting-edge technology. And it’s such a nice place to work where people are so passionate and caring about their projects.

At Deloitte Digital I am able to contribute to innovations that will help patients in the healthcare provider space.

Have you always been interested in technology?

A: I have. I believe that technology is the future and it even though it has already become such an essential part of our lives, this will continue to grow in ways we maybe haven’t even thought of yet. I want to be a part of that change, instead of just sitting down and watching from the side-line how the world changes.

J: I actually haven’t. I always imagined myself working at a hospital, but it turned out that the technological side of healthcare is pretty cool as well – here I can contribute to innovations that can possibly help many patients in many different hospitals and sometimes even many different countries. Also, it makes my job more diverse. I love the strategic and client-facing part of it, but sometimes it’s nice to just put on my headphone and do a little configuring.

What’s it like being in a junior position at Deloitte?

J: I had only been working at Deloitte for a few months, when I already got the opportunity to present a demo of Salesforce Health Cloud platform at the Salesforce World Tour. It was great to see how excited our potential clients were about our solutions. These solutions enable them to improve services for both themselves and for the patients by making their work faster, easier and better – creating space to focus on what really matters.

A: I never even once felt helpless as a junior at Deloitte. I got all the guidance I need ever since the first week I joined. I also like the fact that, at Deloitte, you get the opportunity to work on new challenges every month  or even every week. That helps me develop my skills so much faster. The learning curve is really steep.

What has helped you succeed in your role as a junior consultant or developer?

J: The support system and training opportunities are excellent. As a junior, you have your own coach and buddy, and a learning portal that offers an amazing amount of courses in addition to all the technological trainings and facilitating workshops: from storyboarding and PowerPoint building to project management and other leadership skills.

A: We also grow our expertise through “learning by doing” and sharing sessions. You don’t just learn from your own projects, but also from the ones your colleagues are working on.

I expected Deloitte to be hierarchical. But I think Deloitte Digital is a really flat organisation and such a friendly place.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about Deloitte?

J: Some people think that the atmosphere is formal, that we are required to wear business suits and that there is no room for fun at Deloitte. To be honest, I did too. But I have not experienced this at all. You can just be who you want to be. The culture is so inclusive. In my team we all wear sneakers.

A: I agree. My own misconception was that I expected Deloitte to be hierarchical, like other big companies that I know. But I think Deloitte is a really flat organisation and such a friendly place. It’s open to everyone and often even actively looks for people with a different background. I haven’t seen that in many other organisations. 

Where do you picture yourself in 3 to 5 years?

A: Next to improving my technological expertise on developing and implementing Salesforce, I would really like to develop my project management and people management skills.

J: I think I will still be here at the healthcare team. In addition to expanding Salesforce Health Cloud capabilities, I will be focusing on broader Digital Healthcare Strategies as well.

What would you recommend to graduates who want to work in technology?

J: If you see an opportunity, seize it. You get all the support you need from your co-workers and managers, even as a junior employee.

A: Just do it. Even if you don’t have a technology background, you can learn so much along the way. There are many supporting colleagues and managers who will teach you everything you need to know. You can be and become whoever you want at Deloitte.

Ready to make digital impact?

Looking for an opportunity to make a (digital) impact too? And for a place where you can develop your full potential and get all the support you need? Then Deloitte Digital’s Salesforce team is the place for you! Start your journey now and learn more about our vacancies below.

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