Working for Deloitte in The Netherlands

  • Liselotte Mulder
  • 11 mei 2017

Which jobs should you focus on when applying at Deloitte in The Netherlands? How to prepare for the job interview? And when you land a job, does Deloitte help you to get set up?

Just go for it!

Coming to a new country could either be a challenge or exciting. Overall it is very exciting, but it is necessary to sort some things out before coming to the Netherlands. I lived in several countries abroad during high school and my studies. I’m really proud of this experience and I learned to collaborate with different people, culture and how to cope with a languages barrier. Speaking Thai and Vietnamese was quite difficult to be honest and I made many, many mistakes but with trial and error I made improvement. To give you an example, during my stay in Vietnam I addressed my colleague as 'Mr. Vit' (which means Duck in Vietnamese) instead of 'Mr. Viet' for a couple of months.  I know it’s not the same as working abroad, but it’s also an international experience. In my opinion you can make an impact that matters with international experience and it made me the person who I am right now.

The most important tip I have for international applicants is to go for it and apply. We are a worldwide corporation with a lot of opportunities for internationals. Especially the development of the North-West European Member firm per the 1st of June 2017 will lead to even more international projects, teams and collaboration.

Within Deloitte NL we have several job openings for internationals and, they are written in English and you can find them by clicking here.

Why Deloitte in The Netherlands?

When I ask international colleagues why you should join Deloitte NL it’s because of the Dutch Deloitte Culture. We’re famous about our openness and ‘direct’ culture. Our directives can be a challenge as well ;) but you will get used to it and you can use the feedback and improve yourself.

Coming to Deloitte as an expat you are well received, because people are very welcoming and everybody speaks English. Most of the time it’s not a problem to speak English when you work with a national client. Maybe the biggest challenge is to learn Dutch, because it’s a difficult language and Dutch people easily switch to English if they feel you’re struggling.


When you’re open for a new adventure my advice is to go for it. But we do ask some preparation from your side. So if you know people who already work at Deloitte, talk to them. Or if you know people who work in the Netherlands, talk to them. It’s an advantage if you already visited the Netherlands so you have a feeling with the culture and country. If not, you can off course still apply but then the internet (I Amsterdam website)  and for example me your recruiter are your best friend for getting the right information. It’s important to have the right expectations, as an example thinking that we’ll hook you with a penthouse a limo and fresh flowers every day on your desk is a bit optimistic. We have good employee benefits but you should also be prepared to make your own arrangements for this adventure. Last but not least we have a great International Mobility team who will guide you as well after singing the contract until your first day at Deloitte. As mentioned before the Dutch pride themselves in being open, and you’ll no doubt have a very soft landing with the team giving you a very warm welcome.

Final facts and figures

  • The Netherlands is home to more bicycles than people

  • The Dutch are the tallest people in the world

  • The Netherlands and Holland are not synonymous

I hope to see you soon! Tot snel!

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Want to get a glimpse of how it is to work at Deloitte in The Netherlands? In the video below we let some peers tell them about their experience with The Netherlands and Deloitte.

Liselotte Mulder

Recruiter Risk Advisory

Na afronding van mijn Master Arbeid & Organisatiepsychologie aan de Universiteit Utrecht en vijf geweldige jaren ben ik verhuisd naar Amsterdam, opzoek naar het grote avontuur. In lijn van mijn studie en interesse gebied ben ik als recruitment consultant aan de slag gegaan bij een werving & selectie kantoor in Amsterdam, waarbij ik mij specifiek heb gericht op campus recruitment voor starters met een Bèta-achtergrond. Na twee jaar werd het tijd voor een nieuw avontuur en ben ik zodoende sinds eind 2013 begonnen als Recruiter bij Deloitte, waarbij ik mij focus op Risk Advisory. In mijn vrije tijd beoefen ik graag diverse sporten zoals hockey, hardlopen, zwemmen en yoga. Daarnaast houd ik van reizen en fotograferen, beide hobby’s combineer ik dan ook graag.

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