Deloitte is partner of CampZone, the largest outdoor gaming event in the world designed as a summer holiday. During the event, Deloitte organizes a presentation about threat hunting, a hardware hacking workshop and a Capture-The-Flag contest. The partnership is part of Deloitte’s strategy focused on innovation and technology and supports the search for new, technical talent. The development and growth of Esports offer Deloitte the opportunity to reach a younger and highly technical target group.

The event in Veghel lasts 11 days and more than 3,500 visitors are expected. In addition to the Esports tournaments that take place there are sports activities, technical tinkering, barbecues and of course a campfire. The event has a 10GBit internet connection that runs over a line that even has 20GBit of capacity.

"CampZone is a nice, familiar environment for gamers. A great opportunity for Deloitte to get into contact with this unique target group"

Livestream and tickets

Campzone takes place from July 26 to August 5, 2019. During the event you can watch a live stream on the CampZone website. Tickets are also still available on the website

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