Diversity & Inclusion

Being your authentic self

We are all unique. Each of us is different from the rest. Deloitte offers an inclusive working environment in which there is room for differences. All these different colleagues represent many dimensions of diversity. We are convinced that we can best help our customers with a diversity of colleagues. After all, the problems they have are increasingly divergent.

Deloitte and Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion allow employees to be themselves, without fear of conscious or unconscious exclusion. It means having respect for others who think differently. It means our culture not only acknowledges these differences: it embraces them, respects them and recognizes their added value.

Likewise, instead of working on our own and alongside each other, it means we combine the differences and operate as a single, strong team. We thus create both added value and opportunities for our company. It enhances our quality and is an enabler for innovation. Our clients operate this way and they demand this attitude and culture from us too. New talent expects it. Diversity and Inclusion: this is what Deloitte stands for.

Deloitte Communities

Within Deloitte Netherlands we have three communities addressing the importance of a divers & inclusive culture: Cultural Diversity, GLOBE and the Women's network.

Cultural Diversity

We see diversity not primarily as a demographic issue, but as variety in thinking, feeling and acting. Gender, ethnic background and sexual orientation are all indicators of potential diversity. Deloitte recognizes and appreciates these differences.


GLOBE is an initiative within Deloitte that connects people who share affinity around LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) and is active in member firms like UK, USA and Australia. Both people belonging to the LGBT target audience, as well as people that do have affinity with this (allies) are welcome to participate.

Women's Network

We believe that working in Deloitte offers endless opportunities for career and personal development. Deloitte Women’s Network aims at making Deloitte the preferred workplace for female talent. Our mission is to make an impact that matters on gender diversity in Deloitte.



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