Social responsibility

As a large corporate services provider, Deloitte does not only have an economic responsibility but also a social one. We aim to make a positive impact on soceity. This is why we formulated a strategy around our corporate social responsibility.

Deloitte Impact Foundation

The Deloitte Impact Foundation enables every Deloitter to use his or her talent to make an impact in society. We focus specifically on projects that contribute to education and employment, sustainability and improving the quality of life. Themes which do not only appeal to Deloitters, but in which their experience and network can also add value.

Time investment

Deloitte encourages all colleagues to spend 1% of their working hours on Deloitte Impact Foundation projects. All projects are visible on our internal ‘social engagement platform’ on which Deloitters can either join an existing project or start one themselves.


Per year, over a 100 impactful projects of various sizes are realized through the Deloitte Impact Foundation. To give an impression of the broad variety of projects, here are some examples:

  • A team of over 130 professionals helps The Ocean Cleanup rid the world’s oceans of plastic by supporting them with our full breadth and depth of services.
  • Our cyber risk professionals provide ethical hacking trainings for children.
  • The Deloitte Future Academy project helps refugees integrate into the Dutch professional working environment.
  • Our digital team is developing Alice the social robot, aimed to decrease loneliness among elderly people.
  • As a partner of the Think Forward Initiative we improve people’s lives by empowering them to make better financial decisions.
It was great that I felt so much appreciation for what we did for JINC, from the CEO to the project staff.
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Why Deloitters take part?

Increasingly more colleagues start or join projects at the Deloitte Impact Foundation to make an impact on society. But there are more reasons to do so:

Expand your network

Many projects are cross industry and cross business. A great opportunity to get to know people within the organization.

Learn new skills

Whether you’re a consultant or a director, if you have a great idea for a project you can take the lead! And don’t forget to build a multi-disciplinary team to achieve your goal.

Pursue your personal purpose

The Deloitte Impact Foundation gives you the opportunity to focus on what matters to you, next to the work you do for clients. Think about the difference you want to make in society and put it into action!

Strengthen client relationships

Let your clients know about the possibilities of our Deloitte Impact Foundation, find mutual grounds in your societal purpose and start a project together. By combining your expertise you can accelerate the impact you make.


Last but not least, starting up do-good initiatives with your team is fun! And how great would it be to write billable hours at a teambuilding event?

Purpose is what drives you. I would translate it as ‘doing something that contributes to a better society; a better life for people’. Not just making money but also contributing beyond making a profit.
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More information

Would you like to know more about the Deloitte Impact Foundation, or do you have ideas or suggestions for projects? Please send an e-mail to



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