Social responsibility

As a large corporate services provider, Deloitte not only has an economic responsibility but also a social one. Our aim is that our various activities have as much community impact as possible. This is why we have formulated a policy around corporate social responsibility.   

Deloitte Impact Foundation
The Deloitte Impact Foundation gives every Deloitter the chance to use his or her talent to have an impact in society. We focus specifically on projects that contribute to education, innovative projects in the community and improving the quality of life in society. Themes which appeal to Deloitters and in which their knowledge and abilities can add value.

Why take part?
By doing your bit, using your knowledge and abilities, you:

  • Experience new things,
  • Increase your network
  • Have an impact in the community.

Important ingredients which contribute to your personal and professional growth.

Several big projects each year
"The Deloitte Impact Foundation is involved in about three projects per year, explains Anne-Marie de Jeu (manager Deloitte Impact Foundation). "One example is a project together with the Red Cross to help refugees, through the development of a mobile data solution. Of course there are also smaller projects, such as teaching people about money, in cooperation with Nationaal Geldexamen (National Money Exam).”

Time investment
We encourage all Deloitters to spend 1% of their working hours on projects of the Deloitte Impact Foundation. We do this by offering projects with clearly defined tasks, but also by making time available.

Additional roles
Another opportunity for getting involved in society is through taking on additional roles. Maybe you already have another role, or maybe not. The Deloitte Impact Foundation can help you get a cool additional role, such as a directorship or commissariat role with a socially relevant company.

Social Engagement Platform
In a virtual marketplace, where supply and demand meet, you can find the full overview of new and current projects. Using this so-called Social Engagement Platform, Deloitters can register for a project that they feel strongly about. An important requirement for the project is that the social issue it targets, is in one of the knowledge areas in which Deloitte is active and is linked to education, social innovation and/or creating a sustainable society.

More information
Would you like to know more about the Deloitte Impact Foundation, or do you have ideas or suggestions for projects? Please send an e-mail to

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