About Deloitte

Our culture

Deloitte can be compared with other large firms that offer consultancy, accountancy, tax advisory and financial advisory services. But it is our culture that distinguishes us from the rest. Working in multi-disciplinary teams, offering a working environment where everyone can be themselves and taking social responsibility are important examples of that.

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Working in multi-disciplinary teams

Teamwork takes center stage at Deloitte. Together with colleagues from other disciplines, you work on solving complex issues for your client. The assignments you work on have many aspects. That’s why a team often comprises of more than just colleagues from your own discipline. This brings some necessary variety and it allows you to learn from other areas. And it allows others to learn from you.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are all unique. Each of us is different from the rest. Deloitte offers an inclusive working environment in which there is room for differences. All these different colleagues represent many dimensions of diversity. We are convinced that we can best help our customers with a diversity of colleagues. After all, the problems they have are increasingly divergent.

Social responsibility

As a large corporate services provider, Deloitte not only has an economic responsibility but also a social one. Our aim is that our various activities have as much community impact as possible. This is why we have formulated a policy around corporate social responsibility.

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