Our way of working

Deloitte can be compared with other large firms that offer consultancy, accountancy, tax advisory and financial advisory services. After all, we also employ professionals to service our clients all over het world.

But it is our way of working that distinguishes us from the rest. Our focus on innovation, our multi-disciplinary teams, our expertise and our social responsibility are important examples of that.

Working in multi-disciplinary teams

Teamwork takes center stage at Deloitte. Together with colleagues from other disciplines, you work on solving complex issues for your client. The assignments you work on have many aspects. That’s why a team often comprises of more than just colleagues from your own discipline. This brings some necessary variety and it allows you to learn from other areas. And it allows others to learn from you.

World-class expertise

The various experts at Deloitte have made us the Big-4 office with the most publications for several years in a row. And, at Deloitte, we’ve no complaints about our media attention either. Our people are regularly asked to give their opinion on various subjects and current affairs. Like professor Peter Kavelaars, who was interviewed in Dutch newspaper, het Financiële Dagblad, and on Business News Radio about USB and Swiss bank secrecy. Or Oscar Snijders, who provided the low-down on the Navigating the Downturn investigation, which made Deloitte the first of the Big 4 firms to pro-actively discuss the consequences of the economic crises for the world of business. Some themes are much closer to home and see our people being asked about the rise of Internet TV, for example, a trend we predicted a long time ago. Whether on radio or TV, in daily or weekly publications, the opinions of Deloitters in the Netherlands are often heard!


It is very important for Deloitte to respond to changes in society. The talent seen in the employment market is increasingly diverse. In order to recruit this talent and to keep them employed with us, Deloitte has created a working environment in which there is room for differences. Our national and international clients require that our employees are serious sparring partners. A diverse team, with employees from different backgrounds, gender and ages is invaluable in achieving this.

Social responsibility

As a large corporate services provider, Deloitte not only has an economic responsibility but also a social one. Our aim is that our various activities have as much community impact as possible. This is why we have formulated a policy around corporate social responsibility

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