Annemieke Brouwer

  • Senior Consutant
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  • Annemieke Brouwer

What do your days at Deloitte look like, how do you like working at Deloitte?

Explaining to someone outside Consulting what your days look like can be difficult – no two days are the same! And for me, that’s what makes working within Deloitte so much fun. Sometimes you have an office day working on reports/deliverables, doing internal work to build our knowledge of human capital and drinking coffee with colleagues. Other days are spend at the client site and are filled with presentations and meetings. Combine that variety of work with a great team of intelligent and motivated colleagues and it’s no wonder I like working at Deloitte!

How has Deloitte surprised you the most?

Joining Deloitte, I had certain expectations of what working at a large company would be like: a bit formal and a beaten track. I’ve been proved wrong. There is plenty of opportunity to take control of your development and the atmosphere is very collegial and informal. The scope of projects that one can work on in a large company is huge. Our reach – and knowledge base – is immensely and together we can make a real impact on our clients. I am driven to deliver the best solution for the challenges our clients face and I’ve learned a lot about different organizations and human capital. Nevertheless, my colleagues have surprised me the most. After all, it’s the people that make a company unique.

How do you keep developing yourself?

Deloitte has endless resources, great mentoring programs and strong relationships with numerous market-leading companies we advise. I get to take advantage of all that our firm – a global community – offers. We are continuously innovating our services and there is always someone willing to help you develop, both personal and professional. Besides access to great training programs on knowledge and/or capabilities and skills, I have a coach and various colleagues in my project teams to learn from. We stimulate each other every day to get the best out of ourselves and others. 

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