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In what way has Deloitte surprised you the most?

Tasks of a working student can be shockingly similar to those of a barista. Luckily, working at BPS as a student is way more than just memorizing how everyone likes their coffee. From the first day onwards, my colleagues were very welcoming and started to give me more and more responsibilities over time. The interaction with management feels way more relaxed than I expected it to be at first.

What does a day at Deloitte look like and what kind of tasks keeps you busy?

Even though I live and study in Rotterdam, I’d rather leave my home a bit earlier in the morning so I can work at our Deloitte office in Amsterdam. Most of our colleagues work from there when they are not engaged with external assignments and having everybody around makes work feel more lively and fun. Work itself is not only finance related. Because I have an academic background in strategic management I mostly support internal management with, for example, onboarding new colleagues, and preparing engagement letters.

All work, no play?

Of course, it is important that the job gets done, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t time for other activities. A few weeks ago we had an event with the whole department at the Loosdrechtse plassen and in a few weeks we have the Deloitte Summer School where we will attend workshops to develop ourselves. On Fridays, I try to work in Amsterdam so I can grab a drink after work with colleagues. This way I get to know my colleagues better, which also contributes to the atmosphere at the office.

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