Ruud van de Kerkhof

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  • Ruud van de Kerkhof

What does a working day look like at Deloitte BPS?

This completely depends on the project as they all differ a lot. Currently, I’m working on a project for Deloitte’s Finance and Control department. I’m responsible for drawing up reports and monthly closings, and I follow up on ad hoc requests that are related to the project. Furthermore, I continuously improve and standardize processes in order to make operations more efficient. Everyone in the team feels responsible for their work and all my colleagues are always prepared to help me or cover my work when necessary.

What do you like the most about working at Deloitte?

Personally, I like the variety. You visit many different (sometimes international) companies, get to meet a lot of different people and every project you work together with different colleagues. Because of this, you also build a large network within Deloitte itself. Also, the projects and work are very challenging and you learn something new every time. The colleagues at BPS are all very motivated and highly skilled which leads to a knowledgeable team. People stimulate each other to take initiative whether this is at the office or during a project at a client. 

What is characteristic about the working atmosphere within Deloitte?

I would describe the atmosphere as open and focused on working together. BPS colleagues are flexible, driven and leave a good impression after finishing a project.

In what way has Deloitte surprised you the most?

Even though I’m part of a large organization, there is a lot of personal attention and appreciation. What also surprised me, is how quickly you are included in different teams. I think this says a lot about the mentality of Deloitte’s employees.

What would you like to say to your future colleague?

Whether or not you know which way you want to go, there is something for everyone. If you do not know yet which way to go, there are many projects within BPS that give you the opportunity to orientate and develop yourself. If you do already know what you want, you can steer yourself into that direction as there are so many opportunities. You will get the chance to excel in an ambitious and diverse team. The diversity and tasks of the job offer you a steep learning curve.

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