Sandra Glasbergen

  • Manager Client Finance Management
  • Support  |  Client Service Organisation
  • Sandra Glasbergen

How do you keep developing within Deloitte?

I continue to develop myself by looking for and seizing opportunities, sometimes even going outside my comfort zone. In addition, I get satisfaction from sparring with colleagues’s, you get new insights from which you learn a lot.

Is it all work, no play?

Over the years I've learned how important it is to build relationships with colleagues’s, you get so much in return. That is why I now spend more time on the ‘play’ part. I also think it's important that our employees enjoy going to work, after all, you spend a lot of time here! Together with the teams we discuss what the needs are and how we can achieve this.

What would you say to your future colleague?

Welcome to the club! Your fresh look can provide good insights for Deloitte. My advice is to observe what you come across in the first period of time and make suggestions for improvement based on this.

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