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What does your working day look like, and what are typically your activities?

Every day at Deloitte is a different day. After all, you all scheduled for various clients who are from different branches. For example, one day you are planned on a pension fund or bank, while the other day you are working for a real estate fund. To me, this is one of the interesting parts of Accountancy. There is enough variation in your working days. Stand-up team calls are scheduled daily with the team to discuss the status of your work, your schedule for the day, and any obstacles you may encounter. Before the stand-up team calls start, I do an e-mail check round and make my to-do list for the day, considering the planned meetings. After the stand-up team calls, it is time to get started.

From the planning phase, interim activities, year-end checks, and writing memos and working papers to attending client’s meetings via Zoom. After lunch, I start again with an e-mail check round and I continue with my work. The informal team update calls and other informative sessions are also part of my working day. And not to forget; stretch your legs in between, grab a cup of tea and chat with colleagues. Around 5 pm it is time to close the laptop and call it a productive day.

In what way did Deloitte surprise you the most?

The way Deloitte responds to working from home really surprised me. Of course, you can still follow the necessary training online, but it is a different experience to meet and talk to colleagues. It is a difficult time to keep in touch with each other. There you sit all by yourself behind your desk or at the kitchen table. We tend to be busy with our own activities.

Deloitte tries to respond to this in various ways. For example, there are random online conversations with other colleagues planned. This way you also get to know other colleagues, despite the strange world we live in now. In addition, there are also weekly team update calls planned. These calls are almost like the informal conversations you had with colleagues at the office. From lunch ideas to buying a new pet, from lunch ideas to buying a new pet it all passes by in our team update calls. I think it is important that we as team/colleagues can still have pleasant conversations that do not only relate to the audit activities. Finally, I also really appreciate the webinars that are offered to make working from home pleasant enough.

Have you found out an interesting fact about Deloitte that most people do not know?

Have you heard of the Deloitte Impact Foundation? Did you know that in addition to the daily audit work you can also be part of the Deloitte Impact Foundation? Did you know that with your competencies and ideas you can make an impact on society in the field of education & employment and sustainability? Via the Deloitte Impact Foundation Deloitte makes a positive impact on society.

Deloitte employees can start their own initiative or participate in an existing initiative. You are allowed to spend a certain percentage of the working hours on such an initiative. Nice right? Have you ever heard of Building Bots with Kids? This is one of the initiatives of the Deloitte Impact Foundation. During this initiative, robots were made with children between 10 and 15 years old with LEGO and software robots. There are various other initiatives that together make an impact on society. I just think it's great that you can submit your own initiative for implementation. I have also been part of a social organization for years, so this is certainly an interesting fact for me. Are you also joining?

What would you like to say to your future colleague?

Welcome to the Deloitte family. Yes, family… we are one big family with diversity and an open corporate culture. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. By asking you can learn a lot. It will all be very new at the beginning and we are here to help and guide you through this process. Take every opportunity to learn and grow. Be open to challenges, but above all, be yourself. This is the start of a great career. What impact will you make?

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