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  • Thom Broersen

    Thom Broersen

How do you keep developing yourself?

Via het R(x) programma krijg je de mogelijkheid om op verschillende afdelingen te werken. Doordat ik in al die afdelingen de mogelijkheid heb om van de kennis van collega’s te leren is het mogelijk om jezelf te blijven ontwikkelen en veel te leren.

All work, no play?

That's possible, but then you choose for it yourself. Within Deloitte there are regular get-togethers and there is also an annual ski trip. After signing a completed audit or project, there is often a nice drink or dinner.

What would you like to say to your future colleague?

Deloitte gives you a great opportunity to start your career. Try to get to know the departments within Deloitte in order to develop yourself. 

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Michiel Mulder


"Different cultures, backgrounds and capabilities make that every team is different."

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Leidy Molina

Business Analyst

"Deloitte is a great place to work if you want to develop yourself as a professional."

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Annemieke Brouwer

Senior Consutant

"The diversity of projects you can work on is enormous."

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