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Business & Economics

You help organizations to determine the most effective ways of executing the strategy. In pursuit of a daily changing economy and society, progressive organizations need future-focused advisors to help them navigate complexity and deliver a positive impact.

Data & Analytics

Help clients find hidden insights and value in their organizations. You will do this by modernizing their data and analytics environments, and applying next-generation AI and intelligent automation technologies.


In this creative department we determine the best way to visually represent a client’s brand and needs. Your work consists of discovering, designing, and prototype customer transformation strategies and innovation portfolios.


As a consultant working in a Finance team, your tasks will vary and challenge you to continuously deliver innovative business outcomes. Together you will be translating the language of numbers to a client’s business.

Human Capital

If you like to challenge clients on their HR strategies, and prepare them for the future of work, then Human Capital is your place to be. Your work can transform their HR strategy, HR department and Organization Design.


Help clients to discover, design, and prototype customer transformation strategies to define the future of their business using insights to drive growth. Or you can develop, implement and test process improvements focusing on CRM (Salesforce) software modules.

Science & Engineering

Within Science & Engineering we create real impactful solutions for clients through either custom-developed systems, low code platforms, platform integration or application modernization. Or we help the most forward-thinking businesses benefit from the transformational capabilities of the cloud.

Supply Chain

By designing and implementing world-class supply network strategies and capabilities you will help our industry-leading clients to transform their value chains into a competitive market differentiator.

Technology & Information

Within Technology & Information we help navigate client's transformation journey and shape their technology function and architectures. You can do this through effective design implementation and operating of fully-integrated IT management solutions.

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