” At Deloitte, you can be you ”

Rebecca Pehlivan,
Director Tax & Legal.

From crude oil to Christmas decorations and from sneakers to festivals. Working as a Director for the Global Trade Advisory team of Tax & Legal is as diverse as there are products in the world. As long as it’s about crossing borders. With a team that is a mix of young, focused tax lawyers and IT specialists who are working on innovative solutions all the time. It’s exactly those dynamics that convinced Rebecca to return to Deloitte after five years with another employer.

‘I knew for sure that I wanted to work at a Big Four firm after I graduated. At the time, I just didn’t know which one’, says Rebecca Pehlivan (35). ‘The pathway at one of the other firms was very intensive. However, at Deloitte I got a job as a student worker after one interview that was spot on. So the choice was easy: this is the firm for me. Times have changed, but Deloitte remains down to earth, practical, efficient, and comfortable. At Deloitte, you can be you.’

After a while, Rebecca wanted to expand her horizon and started working for Shell. ‘I learned a lot. But after five years I realized I really missed the culture and dynamics at Deloitte. My old team kept calling me: when are you coming back? It was clear this was still my best place to work.’


We try our utmost to create a culture that recognizes, embraces and respects our differences, as well as acknowledges the added value.

Many co-workers have become friends, Rebecca explains. ‘There is an alumni drink every year that we all attend. Our team will always be close. And the job? It’s so much fun. Clients consult me about customs and excise duty.

Sometimes there are shoes or Christmas decorations are piled up on my desk, because we need to analyse and classify every item based on its specifics. You get to see the product and to walk around at terminals and in factories. Everything is tangible and that makes it so much fun. You can see and feel the products that require your fiscal advice.’

Brexit, trade wars and other issues have turned the so-called customs team into a hot team. ‘There’s always a lot going on. We’re always working on innovations. For instance, we are now developing an automated solution for vessels. Ships that enter the harbour with crude oil must declare immediately, whether it’s day, night, a Monday or a weekend. Our solution combines a tracking system with the customs declarations system that automatically declares when a ship enters the harbour.

How cool is that?’ Rebecca says enthusiastically. ‘Deloitte is a young organisation with a strong focus on growth and development. You really get the opportunity to develop and execute your ideas. Whether you’ve been with the firm for two months or twenty years. Never a dull day. That’s a great boost.’


Co-workers at Deloitte really appreciate an inclusive working environment, says Rebecca. ‘We try our utmost to create a culture that recognizes, embraces and respects our differences, and acknowledges the added value. I live in Rotterdam with my girlfriend and our little son. That has never been an issue at work. Everyone is open-minded, enthusiastic and involved. Exactly as it should be.

It’s important that people can be who they are, whether it’s at work or in their personal life. If you feel better, you perform better, and that turns out well for your team as well as for your own development.’

  • Be the true you. At Deloitte.

What impact will you make?

We want you. The true you, with your own strengths, perspective and personality. So we’re creating an environment where everyone belongs, is supported and heard, and is empowered to make a valuable, personal contribution.

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