” At Deloitte you contribute to the people around you ”

Hale Koç-Hullegie,
Manager Financial Risk Management.

Being a credit risk modelling expert is more than just mathematics, statistics and equations. It is also about adding value to clients and society. Hale’s work is quite technical. But if she does a good job at getting a credit model right, it could impact people like you and me.

“After my PhD in economics at Erasmus University, I worked at a bank as a model developer and validator”, Hale Koc-Hullegie (36) starts her story. “But after a short 15 months I joined Deloitte. I already knew a few of my current colleagues and they were all nice, smart and fun people. So I mainly chose Deloitte for the people. On top of that I liked the variety of work Deloitte had to offer, doing big projects and working with big clients.”


I like to encourage people to think one step beyond when we talk about finance and financial risk.

Hale’s speciality is credit risk. “I build credit risk models and validate them. But I also contribute to expanding our business, have an internal role of coaching more junior team members and take part in our model risk management initiative that advises clients on mitigating the risks brought by using models.

What makes my work fun? It’s dynamic and challenging. I am constantly learning. New skills, meeting new people, working on different projects. Deloitte encourages everyone to keep learning and we get a lot of training. Content related and technical trainings, but also in soft skills. Deloitte never stops investing in your growth.”  


Together we inspire each other to keep moving forward. “We have a culture of contributing to the people around you. Everybody gets a mentor, someone that holds your hand. He or she helps you with your career and talks to you about problems or questions that you have. It makes you feel supported, everybody needs a bit of guidance now and then. At Deloitte that guidance is taken very seriously.

When you become more senior in the organisation, one of the measures of your success is how you are helping your colleagues to grow. Contributing to the people around you is therefore not only in the company culture, but also formalised.”


Deloitte aims to make a positive impact on our community and purpose in work is very important to Hale. “Responsible business is one of the values of Deloitte. It’s about helping our clients to be responsible towards their clients, towards the society and towards the environment. I like to encourage people to think one step beyond when we talk about finance and financial risk.

Models are used for decision making in many areas by financial institutions and they are of great value for the financial system. The better models we build for banks, the better decisions they can make. For example, if I do a good job in creating a model for accepting clients, banks can take the right risks and treat their clients fairly and equally. My purpose is a financial system that works well, so that we don’t have another financial crisis.”

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What impact will you make?

Making an impact is more than just what we do: it’s why we’re here. We’re driven to create positive progress for our clients, people and society. This sense of purpose is shared by every one of our people. It makes us proud.

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