” Be yourself year-round,
every day is Pride Day ”

Larissa Snoek and Thomas van Bergen,
Senior Consultant and Manager.

Larissa Snoek is a Senior Consultant in the Business Model Transformation practice in Amsterdam. She joined Deloitte fresh out of university three years ago and business transformation is her main focus. Thomas van Bergen is a Financial Advisory Real Estate Manager who has been with Deloitte for five years. His main area of expertise is urban development. Both Larissa and Thomas are ambassadors of Deloitte's worldwide LGBT network GLOBE (Gay, Lesbian & Other Bisexual Employees).

Larissa: One of the main reasons I chose to work for Deloitte is the great atmosphere. I think Deloitte’s culture is very open and inclusive. You can always reach out to anyone in the organisation. You're also given enough leeway to invest your time and energy in topics you're passionate about.

Thomas: Unlike many other consultants, Deloitte believes in practicing what you preach. Maybe the reason we're growing so fast is that talented people see how this company has a brilliant future in store for them. The projects are challenging, your coworkers ambitious, and we’re always in the fast lane. In discussions, every voice is taken seriously.

Larissa: Last year at our LGBT inhouse day, I spoke to students about what it’s like to work as a consultant for Deloitte as a gay woman. After that, GLOBE asked me to get more involved and now I'm an ambassador for GLOBE in Consulting, just like Thomas is in FA. That same year, we decided that we wanted to audition becoming a partner of the Amsterdam Pride. The Amsterdam Pride Organisation picked us and last August we participated in the canal parade for the very first time in history! With 100 people on board, we had quite a colourful and diverse crowd. It truly was an amazing experience.

Thomas: The Pride canal parade really boosted our exposure, and prompted a lot of (sometimes emotional) responses. Our social media views even topped the 100,000 mark. Deloitte’s management fully supports and endorses GLOBE's message: be your authentic self. As a network organization, we're an active partner of De Roze ZuidAs, which stages events for the LGBT community in the Amsterdam financial district, along with companies such as ABN AMRO, Accenture and Nauta Dutilh.

Larissa: Our GLOBE network already existed in various countries. When the network was introduced in the Netherlands a couple years ago, the first thing that came to mind was: do we really need a network like this? Over time I realized that there are still a lot of questions and misconceptions concerning LGBT. I think it is understandable that people have them, and I am more than willing to answer and address them.

Thomas: I never thought I'd be the kind of person to stand on the barricades and defend LGBT rights. Until I was faced with undeniable, painful proof that even in a professional context you still have to deal with certain prejudices. Not that anyone would express it if you asked them directly, but it's noticeable in group dynamics. That's unfortunate, but GLOBE helps counter these prejudices.

Thomas: Be your authentic self. I believe that people are free to do so, however, some action still needs to be taken. If you feel the calling, you can expect to be broadly supported in your actions. Things are changing, so feel free to contribute in your own way. Whether it’s supporting LGBT rights, or sustainability, or a focus on any kind of minority that could use a boost. Don't be afraid to fight for something. Together we'll make this organization even more fun to work for!

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