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  • 12 October 2016

The first step you set in the Edge as an employee, also known as the ‘onboarding’, is pretty overwhelming. First of all, you get to see the amazing building and if you are lucky they might even show you the 14th floor. There is an introduction on the first day. Here a buddy will be assigned to you. This buddy is someone who has been working here for a while and will guide you through your first few days and weeks. You can always reach out to him or her if you have any questions. Of course, the first day will always be exciting and you might even be a bit nervous. You will encounter so many new faces and new names and let us not forget the flood of information that is coming your way. How do they operate here? What will be your tasks? But no worries, you will be fine. 

Being a working student is much more than just a side job. As a team of working students, we provide the primary support for many of the client projects within our service line. Clients are able to contact us by e-mail or phone with their questions. These questions can vary from interpretation of their dashboard or graphs, how they can provide us with new data or other related issues. In addition to these primary support jobs by e-mail or phone, it is possible to visit a client with a manager, this gives you a good impression of the daily life of a consultant. From our own experience we can say that the clients also like to see us in real life, instead of communicating by e-mail or phone.  


Two very important aspects of being a working student at Deloitte are the experience and knowledge that you gain. You gain technical skills, such as programming and data-modelling, but also ‘soft’ skills such as social competencies and project management. Next to that, you can join various training sessions that are being organized for consultants. Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to join one of the three teams within AIM: Big Data Management, Data Discovery & Visualization, or Advanced Analytics. Each group organizes training sessions for themselves and has projects which allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the field.

Just as important as the experience and knowledge is the friendly and open culture at Deloitte, which you experience from day one. Through presentations, games and drinks you will get to know other people starting at Deloitte, ranging from working student to director. Nobody knows anyone and everyone wants to make new friends. As a working student you really benefit from the flat organizational structure. In our first weeks at AIM we drank coffee with all of our colleagues from all levels, which made it easier to approach colleagues for questions or requests. 

In addition to your daily responsibilities within Deloitte you get the opportunity to join all organized events and activities. Most of these events are divided into two categories; Deloitte- and Service line specific events

Events organized by Deloitte are created with one of two possible goals, either focussed on strategy or focussed on Deloitte as a team. There is an almost endless list of activities that Deloitte organizes and sponsors which you can join. 

In addition to the gatherings, there are trips which you can join or even help to organize. An example is the successful entry of Deloitte in the Race of the classics, a wind sailing race organized for and by Young Professionals. Another activity, Consulting in the Snow (‘CiTS’), which is a three day skiing trip, might even be enough reason in itself to join Deloitte as a working student.

The events and activities organized by the Service Line are dominated by the two big trips. Everyone comes together for these events, the first one is the AIM Days where you will learn more about your work through workshops and interesting talks. Half a year later the AIM Trip is the perfect excuse to get to know your colleagues in a more informal setting, with fun activities organized on a set location.

Since the tasks you execute as a working student are so diverse, the life of a consultant starts before you are even graduated. You have to cope with your own tasks, deadlines and the dynamics between the different stakeholders. Just like the other consultants, you are a piece of the puzzle. You are an active member of the team and even though you are ‘just’ a working student, your voice will be heard. During your time as a working student at Deloitte, you will gain a lot of experience, which makes the transition to being a consultant a lot easier.

Moreover, you will get to know the different industries very well. The different projects that you work on give you a view into these industries. Furthermore, the contact with customers gives you a clear picture of companies Deloitte works with, which allows you to find the areas you are interested in from the very beginning. This contributes to your personal and professional development. 

An internship that suits you, can be found quickly at the Analytics & Information Management (AIM) department. You can easily contact a manager who works in a sector that you like the most to discuss the possibilities, while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. During the internship, a consultant who performs projects in a similar area will be assigned to be your supervisor. At the end of your internship or role as a working student, you can transfer to the role of a consultant at AIM. Almost all of the working students and interns choose to make this transition. 

In short, working at Deloitte as a student provides you with valuable hands-on experience in a very nice and relaxed setting. 

This blogpost is written by Vishan Baldew, Sergio Griffin, Robbert van der Have, Thomas Heeneman, Milan Karsten, Vivian Man, Edwin Wanner en Max Wijsman.

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