Ironman and Advanced Analytics

  • Paul Langelaan
  • 07 June 2017

It’s 7:00 AM and it’s time to go to work. Today, though commonly I would be at a client’s, I will work at our Deloitte office in Amsterdam. That’s great because now I can go to work by bike. After a beautiful ride of 33 km I arrive at The Edge, having had more than an hour of exercise, avoided traffic jams and feel very refreshed and alert. The shower and restroom facilities at The Edge allow me to change to work attire, so I’m easily able to combine my work day with exercise.

Advanced Analytics

Almost three years ago I started at Deloitte as a “zij-instromer” – the term used for new colleagues that start with some previous work experience – with the Analytics & Information Management (AIM) service line. Within AIM I have been able to specialize myself as Data Scientist on the Advanced Analytics team. My proceedings within this team are focused on using and writing code for algorithms to get more value out of data. This can include a predictive model, a segmentation, or an optimization solution. Before my time at Deloitte I studied astronomy and worked as a trader at the stock exchange. However, I decided that I wanted to have a job in which I could use my analytical capabilities to help other companies. I’ve found the perfect position to do so with AIM.

Data science

Besides my sports performances, I am most proud of my current project. At our client’s we have established a brand new data science department, which is now successfully up and running. In the coming months, this department will be expanded with internal personnel of the client. This will cause our own work to become a combination of working in other engagements and educating the personnel new to the data science department. A challenging mix of activities. As a result, we will have deployed for our client a new advanced analytics department with staff that is capable of being an important pillar of an insight driven organization.


Last year, training for a full “Ironman” (3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42 km running) was a real challenge for me. Especially next to my work as a consultant. Through it all, I discovered that many things are possible as long as you communicate well with your managers and colleagues. Leading up to the event, I’ve regularly gone home on time to train. Only when it was really necessary, have I opened my laptop afterwards. In a certain period, it was even possible to work 4 days a week, to create more flexibility and gain extra hours for training. All of this resulted in a beautiful finish last September in Almere.

Paul Langelaan

Consultant advanced analytics

Ik werk als specialist in data science binnen de analytics & information management serviceline van Deloitte Nederland. De afgelopen 3 jaar ben ik mij meer en meer gaan specialiseren op het ontwikkelen van nieuwe modellen om waarde te halen uit data. Ik haal er veel plezier uit om een klantprobleem te vertalen naar een algoritme en onze klanten vervolgens te helpen met het implementeren en gebruiken van deze modellen.

Current standing after 150 days at Deloitte

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  • 18 May 2017
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