'If you see opportunities and you have a good business case, a lot is possible.'

  • Sven van Hoof
  • 20 May 2020

Sven studied in Maastricht, lives in Den Bosch and works in Amsterdam. Besides flexible working, he appreciates the entrepreneurship at Deloitte, of which he is a good example.

“My master in Finance was led by Piet Eichholtz, professor of real estate finance and partner at Finance Ideas, an independent financial consultancy for social enterprises. He was enthusiastic about our collaboration and asked me to join his company as a financial advisor, which I did for two and a half years.

I noticed that in a few years you learn a lot in a small organization, but after that I looked for new impulses. I found exactly that at Deloitte Consulting, where I started as a consultant almost seven years ago, after a good friend who already worked there introduced me.

I did my first assignment at a bank, where I tried to ensure that Finance and Risk were aligned on certain topics. After this I was asked by my manager for a project at a public transport company, where I helped to plan in a completely different way by designing the process differently. Part of this was a tool selection, for which we looked at Anaplan, a cloud-based platform with which companies update their planning in real time. I eventually led the first implementation of this platform.

In the meantime I also worked on other projects, but the combination of carrying out projects on the one hand and being commercially active on the other hand and building a team around Anaplan was quite difficult. After I indicated that I could build a sustainable Anaplan practice, Deloitte gave me a year and a half to realize that. We have grown by 100% every year since,  and now work with a team of around 15 people on various projects across a wide range of clients. Our ambition is to grow to 30 people in the coming years.

If you see opportunities and you have a good business case, a lot is possible.

That Deloitte gave me the opportunity to invest full-time in building such a practice shows real entrepreneurship. If you see opportunities and you have a good business case, a lot is possible. There was already a worldwide collaboration with Anaplan, but I was one of the first to recognize the potential of the platform. I am proud of the close-knit Anaplan global community at Deloitte, which meets at least once a year in the US.

My strength lies mainly in building relationships with new and existing customers to see what their needs are and to convert them into a project. If the implementation is then in the good hands of colleagues, I can start new projects again. I work a lot with people "across the firm", which I also enjoy in working for Deloitte.

As a young father, family life is very important to me. Because I live in Den Bosch and my main office is in Amsterdam, I have to make choices about how I organize my work. I make sure that I can have dinner with my family every day, and if necessary I even open my laptop in the evening. That flexibility at Deloitte is very nice.

I also consider personal development an important advantage of working at Deloitte. I have a coach, but I also coach a few colleagues. It gives me a lot of energy to help talented people in their career and with decisions within and outside of work. I have good and informal contact with all sections of the organization. We work together equally, from analyst to partner, although the latter is responsible. But it is not a one-way street. If you suggest something different and you would like to talk about it, you can. ”

Sven van Hoof

Senior Manager Digital Transformation

Sven is leading the digital planning transformation practice in the Netherlands. Together with the team he successfully completed projects in FP&A, planning and (financial) modelling. Sven specializes in helping clients with determining the planning strategy, selecting the best software and transforming to connected plannings. In addition he leads the alliance between Anaplan and Deloitte.

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  • 07 May 2020
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