Work in the time of COVID-19

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  • 29 June 2020

Since the declaration of global pandemic, work and life in general has been topsy-turvy. With new restrictions from the Dutch government followed by both Deloitte and our clients, there has been a ban on travel. Virtual working has become the way of life. Adam and Aakanksha share some efforts they have put in, and came across in their Deloitte SAP offering.

'As the title suggests, we have taken cue from “Love in time of Cholera” to put in words how we as Deloitte perceive and act upon the serious implications of working from home during COVID-19. Deloitte has made a tremendous shift in ramping up technology to enable a huge workforce to work from home swiftly and without intervention. Physical meetings and dealings have been replaced by Skype, Zoom and MS Teams. Even though this has a toll on the way of working, it has been pleasant to see how everyone has quickly adapted to the new norm.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance

Some colleagues are balancing time and effort between work and taking care of children at home. We have seen that it is extra important to also keep an extra eye on their study schedule. It is great to see Deloitte assisting them with various leaves, sabbatical options and part-time working facilities. All in order to help in the new situation.

It would not be wrong to say that the work from home situation has brought us a lot closer virtually!

Creating professional and fun home working spaces

It has been particularly interesting to have video calls and see people turning up their rooms, kitchen-top or dining table into a working space. Deloitte has lent a helping hand by providing desks, chairs, computer monitors as facilities so people feel comfortable at home - just as in a Deloitte office. The ergonomics and health of everyone has been a prime focus.

Also, many of us had now the opportunity to virtually meet who our colleagues live with - their partners, children waving via the camera, and their enthusiastic pets. This often lightens up the mood in times as such. It would not be wrong to say that the work from home situation has brought us a lot closer virtually!

Learning in spare time and helping a hand

Having the journey shortened to commute between bedroom to the home set-up work space, everyone had some time saved up to work on self-development. Our colleagues have participated in virtual learning courses, completing various certifications adding to the overall value of Deloitte. Deloitte has also opened various platforms for us to participate in corporate social responsibility in times of crisis, where interested colleagues are contributing and lending a helping hand.

Within the SAP offering we come up with a lot of fun ideas, which keeps everyone engaged more easily.

Making sure all colleagues stay connected

Coaches have also been very helpful by regularly checking our well-being. Staying connected has become more important than before. Within the SAP offering we come up with a lot of fun ideas, which keeps everyone engaged more easily. Our very own social media team has been coordinating regular updates including colleagues participating in various challenges like running, pub-quiz, Spot the workspace, to mention a few.

The digital newsletter keeps everyone updated of the bygone week. Every Friday, the entire SAP offering comes up to share a coffee session over Zoom and lighten up the mood. We also have regular updates on how COVID-19 is reshaping our work at hand and we are also informed of the recent development.

Continuing to make impact on clients

It is pivotal to mention that Deloitte has ramped up their work-load in terms of Customer interaction and assuring their role in being there for the clients. The efficiency, ease of contact and flexibility of Deloitte clients has been commendable in our opinion.

Inevitably during the crisis, some of our clients have been facing issues with operations. We try to help them by being hands-on and continuously giving advice. We are still sharp on the committed timelines and various projects are completing the targeted milestones. Partners and Directors have taken additional responsibility of check-ins and ensure business as usual to be impacted as little as possible. Deloitte has been truly robust and quick in adjusting to the transformation. We would like to continue making the impact that matters and thrive and strive in the days to come.

Wishing everyone good health and positivity. Stay connected folks!'

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