Helping to innovate, in a hackathon for healthcare

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  • 03 July 2020

In mid-June 2020, Deloitte and five other organizations organized the virtual hackathon reSTART HEALTHcare. The hackathon is all about accelerating digital innovations that will restart the health care sector and improve health in the Netherlands. Lianne Duinkerken coached a team and Mart van Zwienen participated himself.

During his Business Informatics studies, Mart has done research at a hospital. Definitely not a usual place to end up. "That was really a personal choice. I see that hospitals often work with substandard ICT systems. In my image, that does not suit a place where lives are saved. I would like to commit myself to that. When a colleague pointed out this hackathon to me, I didn't have to think long. "

Lianne was also enthusiasted about the hackathon by a colleague. "My coach within Deloitte works a lot in the healthcare sector. My work at Analytics & Cognitive, study background Design For Interaction and my focus on putting the user first seemed the perfect ingredients to him for me to join this project as a coach. And my parents work in healthcare, which of course also creates affinity. I was able to participate through the Deloitte Impact Foundation, it is nice that Deloitte gives us the opportunity to invest part of our working hours in this kind of initiatives. By sharing our knowledge, we can make the (small) difference."

The design process of such a hackathon is structured. There are challengers and solvers. Those challengers formulate challenges, in this case 20, for which the teams could express a preference. These teams then work on a solution in different phases, during five days.

"And then you start. Many new faces, different personalities and of course a brand new assignment," continues Lianne. "I immediately initiated an introductory meeting, from a coaches perspective I feel this is important. In the meeting you get to know each other, but you also discuss norms and values. If you spend Sunday morning with your family, you can take the morning off. You quickly notice that everyone respects this, because it is discussed. Finally, we agree on when we think the hack a success."

Mart: "At Deloitte, we are already quite used to working in multidisciplinary teams, which is great. While two Deloitte colleagues and myself mainly brought knowledge about business cases, structured working and design thinking, two other teammates knew everything about the regulations and problems with medicines in the Netherlands. An independent law specialist, who knows a lot about the use of patient data, completed the group. We worked together on a solution for unnecessary hospital admissions due to incorrect medication use."

By pulling the group out of the process and asking a critical question, they often come up with the solution themselves. For me that is the magic of coaching.

"The team I coached worked on a solution for people who end up in the healthcare system because of debt concerns," says Lianne. "That connection can be stated a social problem and the assignment is therefore quite broad. My team therefore struggled with focus. That is exactly where I can show my value as a coach, by pulling the group out of the process and asking a critical question, they often come up with the solution themselves. That's the magic of coaching for me. "

In Mart's team, design thinking also turned out to be the solution. "The challenger had already developed an application. We have given the application a specific purpose: a check on undesirable interactions during drug use. I am used to that purposeful thinking in my role at Enterprise Architecture. What I like best? That we really pushed the challenger in the right direction. That visibly produces a lot of energy. "

What I like best? That we really pushed the challenger in the right direction. This produces a lot of energy.

Lianne: "An app is also central to the solution of the team I coached. One where you can start an anonymous conversation about money worries as an employee or employer. It still needs to be worked out further, but this initiative would already remove a huge barrier. "

The various partners within the ecosystem will now look at how they can adopt and / or help further the solutions that have been devised. Together we restart our health care system and we start health for every Dutch person.

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