No challenge too big: Willem Mobach about DocQMiner

  • Willem Mobach
  • 22 November 2018

Analysing documents with the help of Artificial Intelligence leads to huge time savings. Read about how Willem Mobach made the DocQMiner project successful.

Why did you start this?

In order to implement new accounting legislation, clients had to get much more information from lease contracts than was previously the case for accounting. This led to problems. One client, for example, had to re-analyse 120,000 contracts.

What is the idea?

DocQMiner is an application that analyses documents with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). By providing smart suggestions, we help the analyst work faster. The combination of the analyst and AI means we can record the data with 100% accuracy. It has been proven to work in practice and things can now be done twice as fast.

How did you make this happen?

The project was widely supported. We work in an Innovation start-up container and we received valuable input from colleagues working with new accounting standard IFRS 16. IT & Workplace Services helped us to get DocQMiner online and our Flexdesk hired the right people to ensure we could be successful. 

What are the highlights so far?

DocQMiner is now also used internationally. Besides Deloitte UK, Deloitte Brazil is now also using it for a client. Another highlight was that the AI combination we built, really does come up with smart suggestions. That’s really cool to see, and we celebrated that with the team.

What were the challenges?

Besides having to come up with fast results at Deloitte, the biggest challenge is finding the right talented people, and luckily we were very successful in doing so. The next big challenge is ‘scaling’. Deloitte UK already uses DocQMiner instead of a competitor’s existing product. This indicates that we are really solving a problem and that it works!

Willem Mobach

Manager Risk Advisory

Mijn naam is Willem Mobach en ik ben Manager binnen het Managed Risk Services team. Ik specialiseer mij binnen Deloitte in de ontwikkeling van services die gedreven worden door AI. Ik heb een achtergrond in IT en accountancy. In mijn vrije tijd golf ik graag en regelmatig zie je me ook gamen, uit eten gaan, roadtrips maken en AI pocs bouwen. Mijn favoriete games zijn World of Tanks en Overwatch.

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