“Sometimes I really feel like an entrepreneur here”

  • Muriël en Bas
  • 27 May 2019

A tech degree opens doors to more potential employers than just cool start-ups or one of the typical tech giants. TU Eindhoven and TU Delft graduates Muriël Kol and Bas van ‘t Hooft have opted for Deloitte. “Spot the opportunities yourself and you will see Deloitte has a host of resources and new technologies on offer to help you really get things done.”

Muriël studied Industrial Engineering and took a Master in Innovation Management. She did her graduate internship at a one-man gaming business, focusing on gamification to create awareness and behavioural change in organisations. She joined Deloitte 3,5 years ago. Bas has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Applied Physics. He graduated in topological quantum computing within QuTech, one of TU Delft’s research institutes. He started at Deloitte a year and a half ago.

What exactly is it what you do?

Muriël: “I work in the Programme Leadership team within Deloitte Consulting’s Technology branch. One of the things we do here is manage complex organisational change processes. We specifically involve clients in smart, successful and innovative ways, like serious gaming. I am personally fascinated by gaming and I try to apply this when dealing with issues. For example when creating awareness for changes or having people learn about what needs to be done differently in the new situation.” Bas: “Our team’s projects are very diverse. They go from helping companies be more innovative to supporting major transformations. I am currently working on a new strategy for a small bank. We are analysing their market opportunities and examining how to improve their organisation's operations.”

I collaborate with so many different people at Deloitte, so I immensely benefit from their expertise

Why did you opt for Deloitte?

Muriël: “I was on the fence about a management traineeship, either at a company like ProRail or consulting, which would allow me a peek inside organisations’ inner workings. I had an enjoyable meeting with Deloitte during ‘Technology on heels’, a career event for female tech students. That’s what got the ball rolling later.” Bas: “I was looking for a company with an open culture, one that could offer me a steep learning curve. Deloitte provides the right fit. I could also have stayed at QuTech, or go for a more tech‑oriented career at a company like ASML. But, in the end I found that I wanted to expand my horizon. Having considered various consulting firms, the cultural click with Deloitte was the best by far.”

Doesn't every tech student want to work at a cool start-up?

Bas: “During my studies I worked on projects through start-ups within the incubator Yes!Delft. I really enjoyed myself and it was interesting. I fully understand why students would want to work there. Start-ups offer their employees ample room to take the initiative and explore new ideas. Deloitte offers all of this, but there is much more guidance and experience.” Muriël: “I collaborate with so many different people at Deloitte, so I immensely benefit from their expertise. Sometimes I really feel like an entrepreneur here. For example, I developed an internal game for my own team, so newbies can settle in quickly. I used this as a basis to develop games for clients.”

What strikes me is the responsibility you are given, even if you have little experience.

What type of chances are you offered?

Muriël: “You’re always welcome to join the thought process to get to the best solution. When an event needed to be arranged for a client I said I wished to have a coordinating role, so I was given the freedom to do so. You are free to express your goals within a project and what you would want to learn.” Bas: “I couldn’t agree more. What strikes me is the responsibility you are given, even if you have little experience. You get to do a lot of great stuff. Even as a starter I frequently connect with some highly experienced people at our clients, even at management board level.” Muriël: “And, the Deloitte Impact Foundation offers you the opportunity to contribute to society. They told me about a Ghanaian organisation that introduces graduated IT students to the business community to help them get a job. We used gaming to train them, so in addition to their IT skills they would be able to manage projects on their own.”

How is the working atmosphere?

Bas: “I was positively surprised about the open culture where everyone is highly approachable. Deloitte people are very down to earth, certainly if you compare them to the people at other companies here at the Zuidas. The thing I value greatly is that colleagues really listen to your input, even if you are not somewhere high up in the hierarchy.” Muriël: “Open and social, it’s one of the first things to spring to mind for me, too. The vibe is positive.” Bas: After spending four days at a client, the Friday really feels like a homecoming. We often celebrate major milestones with a drinks or dinner party.”

Muriël en Bas

Muriël studeerde Technische Bedrijfskunde, gevolgd door de master Innovatiemanagement. Ze werkt nu drieënhalf jaar bij Deloitte. Bas studeerde Technische Natuurkunde. Hij is afgestudeerd in de topologische quantum computing binnen QuTech, een onderzoeksinstituut binnen TU Delft. Hij startte anderhalf jaar geleden bij Deloitte.

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