Comfort zone or challenge?

  • Stef Haro
  • 10 June 2019

Stef Haro is senior consultant at Deloitte Risk Advisory. In this blog he tells you how his interest for mathematics runs through his study time and career as a common thread. “I like mathematics for as long as I can remember. Once I got to know economics during high school, I became pretty sure that this is the perfect mixture between mathematics and its application in the real world.

Given this, the choice for a study in Financial Economics was not a hard one to make. As my studies approached the end, I wondered if I had been better off choosing econometrics, because I really liked the challenge of the technical parts of my studies. At first, I contemplated doing an additional master in econometrics. However, I realised that the best way to learn econometrics is by using it on job. That’s when I joined the Financial Risk Management team (FRM) at Deloitte.

This ‘choose-your-own-path’ way of working is one of the most important reasons of working at Deloitte.

Soon it became apparent that I had to make a decision between either capital oriented projects or the more quantitative modelling projects. Given my background, capital was closer to my capabilities, but because I aspired developing my technical side more, I chose the latter. Even though it was difficult at times, working outside of my comfort zone, it provided me with exactly the challenge I was looking for.

I have now been with Deloitte for three years, including 6 months of internship, and I have seen a broad spectrum of projects already, including but not limited to various banks and insurers. I feel I’ve been given plenty of room to develop myself more in the domains which I find the most interesting. Let me give you an example.

My first months at FRM coincided with the increased interest in machine learning and advanced algorithms within Deloitte. From the beginning, I have been involved in many aspects in the development of Eagle Eye. Eagle Eye is our news-based semantic engine which can be used in credit risk assessments. My tasks in Eagle Eye ranged from the technical credit risk calculations (e.g. using gradient boosting algorithms) to front-end UX design and even sales. It has been really interesting to work closely together with different departments within Deloitte to make this innovation work. Looking back, it was a conscious choice for me to explore this AI domain more, and I got ample opportunity to do so beside our more traditional modelling work. For me, this ‘choose-your-own-path’ way of working is one of the most important reasons of working at Deloitte.

  • Advanced Credit Scoring team which worked on Eagle Eye project

Another example of possibilities for personal development are the learning tracks, which are tailored series of internal and external trainings, courses and even studies, adjusted to your own interests and aspirations. The best thing is, you can choose whatever topics or domains you want to invest time in. For me, becoming better in programming Python and C# is where my focus for the coming year lies.

Apart from the actual work, it really helps that the majority of our team is young and I dare to say that we’re pretty close and friendly with one another, making colleagues feel more like friends than strictly co-workers. This results in a lot of fun activities which are organised within our team, ranging from a sightseeing weekend in Antwerp to awesome skiing trips in Saalbach-Hinterglemm.

All in all Deloitte is a great and dynamic place to work if you like a lot of freedom but still want to be challenged intellectually!”

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Mees Poppe

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Stef Haro

Senior Consultant Risk Advisory

My name is Stef Haro, I am 25 years old, and I live in Rotterdam for a few years now. I studied Financial Economics in Rotterdam, after which I joined the Financial Risk Management team at Deloitte. My work primarily involves models at banks and insurers. Besides work, I like to work out as much as possible and go snowboarding a few times per year.

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