Hannah Foaden about a Contract in a Day recruitment event

  • Hannah Foaden
  • 24 January 2020

Hannah Foaden joined Deloitte’s Business Process Transformation team after a Contract in a Day recruitment event. Read about her experiences and her first months as a BPT Junior Consultant below! 

How did you experience this Contract in a Day recruitment event?

It was a very good experience! At the start of this day, I expected that the emphasis would be on the interviews and that I, as a candidate, would mostly be sitting around and waiting in between the different interview rounds. Yet during the day, there was enough time to have personal and informal chats with Deloitte consultants. Not only did this provide some needed distraction, it was also a good way to learn more about the team and the day-to-day activities of a Business Process Transformation consultant.

The day itself was still intense, but I preferred that it shortened the recruitment process. And of course, walking out of the office with a contract in your hand is a great feeling. 

And how did you prepare for this day?

I spent most of my prep time on the case interview; not having a business background, I have bothered quite a lot of friends and acquaintances for mock interviews to get more familiar with this particular interview type and style. Yet, don’t underestimate the personal part of the interview!

What I found helpful is to practice the different interview types with people who are willing to give their honest opinion – not only did this make me understand my strengths and weaknesses more, but also helped me in expressing myself more clearly and confidently.

Why did you choose for Deloitte?

Deloitte’s emphasis on personal and professional development really appealed to me. This especially showed during the Contract in a Day event in which I participated: after every interview, the consultants provided honest and constructive feedback, which I could apply right after in the next rounds. It also became clear that Deloitte values teamwork and team spirit.

It was both fun and insightful seeing how Deloitte colleagues interacted with each other and with the candidates. People working in different levels, capabilities, and industries talked very openly about their experiences, almost making me feel as if I was part of the team already. This made me experience the Contact in a Day more like a “behind the scenes at Deloitte”-day, rather than a recruitment event.

This made me experience the Contact in a Day more like a “behind the scenes at Deloitte”-day, rather than a recruitment event.

By now you have the job, can you describe the atmosphere at the office? What are your colleagues like?

I find it very difficult to compare the atmosphere at Deloitte to other working experiences I have had; I find it really quite unique. You notice that your colleagues are working hard, but also that they are willing to work hard and get energized by that. I would say that personal contact often occurs on a ‘learn and share’-basis: people are very cooperative.

There is always somebody with knowledge about a particular topic or who has experience with a similar project, which you can learn from and use in your own projects and deliverables. And as you and your colleagues are at the client from Mondays to Thursdays, there is always time for some fun and gezelligheid on Friday afternoons!

What kind of possibilities has this job offered you?

When I started in the BPT team, I had not thought it possible that I would be able to work in so many different projects and settings, without having a ‘proper’ background in or knowledge of related aspects. A few examples: I have a background in International Relations, but I can now develop a chatbot, I have completed a project for a financial organization, and I have done research into and wrote an article about a connectivity solution in supply chain strategies. None of these, you could say, a degree in International Relations prepares you for.

For me, this illustrates what Deloitte has to offer: there are so many options, in terms of responsibilities, industries, clients, and it offers you the space to explore what is out there, what you are good at and what you enjoy.

Hannah Foaden

Analyst – Business Operations – Business Process Transformation

Hannah is sinds september 2019 werkzaam in het Business Process Transformation (BPT) team binnen Deloitte Consulting. Met dit team ondersteunt zij operationele en procestransformaties door het analyseren van huidige processen en het identificeren en implementeren van veranderingen, vaak met behulp van nieuwe en innovatieve technologieën. Tot nu toe heeft zij financiële instellingen ondersteunt in zulke transformaties. 

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