Esther Schagen - van Luit as a delegate to One Young World

  • 06 November 2019

At the end of October the One Young World 2019 summit took place in London. During this event, young leaders from all over the world came together to tell their story and to discuss current international issues together. The participants were accompanied by political, business and humanitarian leaders. Meghan Markle was also present this year.

On behalf of Deloitte there were fifty delegates, including two from the Netherlands: Tom Marshall and Esther Schagen - van Luit. Esther works as a Specialist Master at Cyber ​​Risk Services and was nominated as a representative by her department's partner, Niels van de Vorle. He explains why he nominated Esther.

“I have been working at Deloitte for over 17 years and I am currently leading the Cyber ​​team. What differentiates us is that we work together in different teams. We know enough about cyber or red teaming, but we also have people on the team with both advisory skills and technical skills, which means we can be deployed widely. We are different, so some of us belong to the best hackers in the world and others help the boardroom. One walks arounds in a hoodie and on sneakers and the other in a suit. What connects us is that we are all nerds and we are proud of that!

The Cyber ​​team wants to make the world a safer place. Our motto is: We love doing good by solving complex cyber challenges for fantastic clients by impressing them with our awesome skills. We are very creative and we are happy to help solve puzzles in the field of cyber. People are here to learn and to develop themselves. I also see that in Esther.

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Nomination as a representative for One Young World

Esther's goal is to get more women into technology. We have three female partners within cyber and there are many women in the team. Apart from that, the team is diverse already, because we have no fewer than 27 nationalities and both young and older colleagues in our team.

We actually all vote for more women in cybersecurity. If you look at the Deloitte ambition to improve, you have to start small. And Esther does that. She always goes the extra mile and looks beyond the Deloitte boundaries, from the very beginning. She is very busy with her mission and that deserves a bigger stage. I was asked who would be eligible for One Young World when it comes to diversity and making an impact. In fact there was only 1 candidate for that and that was Esther with her fantastic efforts, both inside and outside Deloitte.

  • In 2018 Esther won the audience prize for Female Technology Talent

Esther has always been visible in the international cyber community, where she worked on her personal profile as well. She did this in combination with her passion for creating diversity within cyber through the use of artificial intelligence. She is an experienced public speaker and has often spoken at various international conferences. Her work did not go unnoticed, because last year she won the audience award for Female Technology Talent at the Techionista Awards and she was also nominated as VIVA400 tech talent.

When Esther heard the news, she first thought it was a phishing e-mail. The email arrived late at night and she was unaware that she was nominated nor familiar with One Young World. But then the congratulations of partners came in and realized that they were accepted as a delegate at this special event.

Esther as a Young Leader

What I like is that Esther has such a clear goal in mind and is working towards that goal with focus and dedication. When I was as old as Esther when she started her mission, I thought about what I was going to do next weekend. Not her, she is also working on her mission in her personal life. You should not be afraid to stand out and that is one of the most important leadership qualities.”

Esther has enough to say after her experience of One Young World. She looks back at the event and learned a lot of it:

“I didn't really know what to expect, so it was difficult to prepare. We were told in advance that it is a life-changing experience, and you would think "yeah, whatever..". But it was really true. Now that I am back, I cannot explain it properly to other people. It is actually very strange to go back to work after such an experience.

One Young World is a kind of school in activism - now that I passed, I want to speak up more.

Looking back at what I did before I went to One Young World, I think there is still a lot to improve in my leadership. I have always had a strong opinion about things, but I did not always feel the need to share that. Sometimes because my name is connected to Deloitte, sometimes because I didn't find myself an expert and sometimes just to let other people speak. Because of One Young World I realized that it is extremely important to speak out when it comes to something important, even though I am not an expert. Precisely because I work at Deloitte, I have a relative position of power in which people actually listen to me when I work hard for something, both in real life and online on social media. One Young World is a kind of school in activism - now that I passed, I want to speak up more.

The delegates who spoke on stage often had a traumatic past and they managed to change that into beautiful initiatives. It makes you realize how easily it is to live here in the Netherlands. I think I mainly "gained" on OYW and that was a very humble experience. The most important thing is what I'm taking back now. I wasn’t really familiar with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and I think that we all can grow by sharing this knowledge with colleagues and involving them in activism for a better world. In addition, I look forward to having discussions with our Dutch and international Deloitte partners to see if we can be the market leader when it comes to bringing value and awareness to our colleagues, customers and society in a conscious and targeted manner.”

WorldClass is Deloitte’s social impact initiative to empower 50 million people to succeed in the rapidly changing global economy by 2030. This commitment is in line with the SDGs, including SDG 4 – Quality Education, and SDG 8 – Decent work. At Deloitte, we believe that we make the greatest societal impact by using our core expertise to develop job skills, improve educational outcomes, and create opportunities for those left behind in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. One Young World is a key global partnership that helps to accelerate our WorldClass impact.

For more information about One Young World 2019 please visit OYW’s website.

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